Powerbeats Pro – true to its name

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powerbeatsproApple-owned Beats recently announced the release of its very 1st true wireless earbuds – the Powerbeats Pro. The near earbuds are Beats most notable release in a long while, & it is the 1st of its earbuds that are able to connect independently to your phone.

In addition to ditching the wire that links both earbuds together on the Powerbeats, its highly popular predecessor, the Powerbeats Pro features a complete redesign with a number of advanced features that place it in the league of Apple Airpods & other popular true wireless earbuds.

One major highlight of these earbuds is the battery life. Although 9 hours on a single charge doesn’t quite match what you would get with the older Powerbeats or any of the other regular Bluetooth headphones, yet, when it comes to true wireless earbuds, this is by far the best listening time you can get. Paired with a powerful charging case & you should be able to get up to a full day listening time.

The new Powerbeats Pro features an angled acoustic housing with an off-axis nozzle, & sits quite comfortably over the concha bowl of your ear. Beats says it tested more than 20 different configurations before settling on the most ergonomically angled & comfortable one.  The earbuds are also quite ergonomic in terms of control as well; beat ditched the use of touch sensitive zones for control common in many of the latest earbuds. Instead, the Powerbeats pro makes use of physical control buttons for volume & changing tracks.

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