Now you can get an ad-free uTorrent on payment of annual fee

utorrentBit Torrent, used for transferring peer-to-peer files over the Net, has announced an annual subscription plan if users want an ad-free μTorrent. The subscription is US $4.95 a year. μTorrent is a proprietary client owned by Bit Torrent

An announcement on the μTorrent blog said the option would help users avoid any & all ads in the client.

Here’s what the post said:

As reported in this forum previously, we’ve been busy experimenting with new ways to improve μTorrent for our users while financially supporting the amazing team that works every day to make μTorrent free for millions of people around the world.You’ll have the option to pay $4.95 via various methods such as credit card or Paypal.

Once you’ve completed that, you will receive a confirmation of payment via email, and then you can then install Ad-Free two ways:

Click on “Bundle Installer” link to get an executable file, which will take you through the install path.

Click on the “Personal License Key” link and download a file that you can drag into your existing client for an automatic update


Image Credit: uTorrent




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