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‘Site Relic’ is an Online tool which allows you to monitor the efficiency of your Website vis-a-vis loading speed. You can use this startup to gauge your Site’s speed considering whether your Website is browsed from a desktop or a mobile phone.

Site speeds vary with server locations. Site Relic also factors this in its metric analysis, thus enabling you to select your location when testing your Website’s speed. Site Relic supports TTFB. This feature allows you to know the time it would take to receive the 1st byte from your servers.

Another feature incorporated into Relic metric measuring tools is the ‘Fully Loaded’. This will keep you informed about the time taken for your Website to load completely. In addition, this tool allows you to know the size of your page. Page size influences your web speeds. The smaller the page, the faster the load time.

Site Relic also gives you a glimpse of what your Site looks like when browsed either from a mobile phone or a desktop. Besides measuring your Website speed, Site Relic also gives you an idea about the number of visitors coming to your Website daily.

Request to load your page can be made in various content types. With Site Relic’s request count by type, you can tell what type of content was made for each request on your website.

Site Relic was developed by Bluedge, USA, & was created by Chandan Kumar.


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