Mobile onboarding design & delivery without code with ‘pointzi’ -New app

‘Pointzi’ is an on-boarding solution that places tips & walkthroughs on your mobile app without writing code. You get some really great features: tips & walkthroughs, target & trigger tips to specific users in real-time & run A/B test & measure the results.

When you release new features you can use them to drive adoption. With the layout screen it takes only a few minutes to define the appearance & Content of the tips. You can then set success metrics & measure performance of all your tips. You can even send rich media Content as tips.

Tips can be delivered the same way top tier apps do it, like Facebook, Google, AirBnB, Netflix. This helps you activate users & increase feature usage, & no coding is needed, so you won’t be bothering your developers & they can concentrate on developing features.

Pointzi’s single design center helps you customize your onboarding & tips to the look & feel of your brand & app. You can design individual tips or create a complete walkthrough using tips, modals or launchers. You can even add video, documents or Web links.

You can segment, target & automate your tips to specific users (also true for launchers, walkthroughs, etc). You will be able to help users in real-time by triggering in-App guidance & so provide a personalized experience.

Analysis & iteration is easy to do & you can track the effectiveness of your tips, walkthroughs & modals, seeing when walkthrougs are abandoned & if goals are achieved. With A/B testing you’ll see what’s working best for different segments & how to best drive desired user actions.

Segmentations let you trigger help only when needed, depending on if the user is new or has yet to use a specific feature. Tips are simple & straightforward, contextual & don’t get in the way of a user’s experience.

The walkthroughs are self paced & triggered when needed. For example, upon app install your users are guided through your app’s key points. They can include a series tips & launchers or you can also create modals, that grab your user’s attention, as when a trial is at an end & you ask them to buy a plan.

To get started with pointzi, it just takes you a minute to integrate it via their mobile & Web SDK or with the Chrome plugin. You can register on the project site here for a 14 day free trial. An “Engage” plan is available for US $99/month for up to 20K monthly active users. For unlimited users you’ll have to contact Pointzi.

Pointzi is delivered by StreetHawk, another Silicon Valley, USA-based company & is led by Co-founder & CEO, David Jones.


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review –  

Image Credit: Pointzi

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