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Knote is a text & Web processing app that generates notes based on highlighted information in documents.

The app is targeted towards students, helping reduce the time they spend taking notes & creating summaries out of all the information they have to go through.

In fact, Knote’s developer came up with the idea for the app because of his own experiences taking notes & studying for exams by highlighting information in Word documents. During a semester, he would create a file for each textbook chapter with the relevant information highlighted. For the midterms, he would generate a Knote with the relevant chapters & study off it.

This also highlights another important feature – the tool can work on multiple files simultaneously, collecting the highlighted information from each file to generate a single ‘Knote’ document that contains only the important information you might need to access again later.

Knote generates concise notes based on the highlighted information in your documents. You can upload documents in any format containing forms, tables, images, etc. All you have to do is highlight what is important to you, & the tool will do the rest.

Knote is character set independent, so it works on documents on more than 77 languages, & even math. Over 33 universities use the tool, & it has users in more than 116 countries. Among people who use it for work, Knote claims they can help you save US $6,600 per employee per year.

More features that might be available soon include flip card generation, quizzes & even sample exams. Not to mention document summaries (with or without highlights), & document compilation – the inverse of extraction, with documents compiled based on templates & databases. Another feature that may be available soon is entity extraction from a document – as in extracting people, organizations, locations & specific values such as emails, phone numbers, URLS, currency amounts & percentages.

Knote, currently in beta, was developed by Waterloo, Ontario, Canada-based entrepreneur Ron Glozman.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: Knote
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