Keep ‘Talkin’ as app offers abuse-free live interaction on Twitter – New app

An abuse-free video chat that can be live streamed between hosts & followers from any place in the world is what ‘Talkin’ claims to offer. In addition, users can sign in with their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account & connect face to face with followers from any location in the world. Furthermore, your townhall geofence could be the whole world or even a radius of one block within a city.

Talkin streams ‘live’ video broadcasts between Twitter communities. For the set-up, the app requires authorization from a Twitter account to initiate service. Once installed, users can join or start a live Twitter townhall video session.

As you begin, the app shows a location-based UI where visual pinpoints define live sessions in progress. Among other things, users can also find broadcasts of interest by using the apps search feature. Further, search results can be filtered according to name, category or place.

Once connected, users can become actively engaged in the live streaming process. Additionally, a convenient ‘split-screen’ interface allows one-on-one chat interchange which can be viewed by all followers watching the broadcast.

Besides, videos from each live broadcast can be downloaded & saved for replay within the app. The app also offers tools for distribution of downloaded material to Twitter followers. So now, any broadcast could be networked effectively to gain traction.

Meanwhile, users can also begin their own live broadcasting session. Once the session starts, followers on Twitter are notified. Now, they can join in if they already have the app installed on device or they can be invited to download the app to participate. Besides, the app settings aid a broadcaster in deciding who to include or exclude for the chat session.

The app is free & can be installed on Android & iOS 9.2 or later.



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Image Credit: Talkin


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