No need to jailbreak, install hidden iOS apps from ‘BuildStore’

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Have you gone to the Apple App Store & found out that a favorite app is no longer available? Due to this most of us have tried to jail-break apps but with mixed results. Well, no more worries as ‘’, a Website containing apps thrown out from the official Store has you covered.

BuildStore allows you to install iOS applications to your device directly from the browser. Any violation of Apple’s Content policies leads to an app being thrown out of the App Store. Due to this, in BuildStore you’ll get apps such as the famous Flappy Bird, the iTransmission mobile torrent or even the GBA4iOS emulator. According to its developers, unlike Apple’s policies, BuildStore Content is loyal to indie developers. The only restriction is that each application installable from their Site shouldn’t harm the device or device owner.

How BuildStore works

BuildStore requires you to register 1st before you can install apps from the Site. In addition, after completion of the registration process, an activation link is sent to the device you want to install the apps on. You can use your native Mail app to open the activation link. After accepting the mobile provision installation, you can make the payment. You’ll only need to pay US $9.99 per year for 1 single device without recurring payments.

You can then proceed to BuildStore’s main page or use the ‘Apps’ link from within your profile page. Finally, click on the ‘Install’ button near the app’s icon & the app will appear on the registered device. An example of the available apps is the Youtube++ which allows you to play Youtube videos in the background even when you have your screen locked. It is also compatible with Apple TV 3 enabling you to use airplay to stream normally.

With BuildStore In addition, it supports all the latest software & hardware updates. It’s important to note that you’ll have to delete the original version of the app in order for you to install the store’s ++(tweaked) apps. was developed by Vladimir Ignatev who is also the founder. The startup has been around for over 3 years now.


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