5 apps offering incognito browsing

incognito browsing apps
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Browsing the Net these days is fraught with hidden danger, this peril is often disguised as an advert or a link suggestion, which once clicked, adds cookies to your browser so that the Website responsible can track your history around the Net. Not only is this irritating, it’s also an invasion of your privacy – after all you’ve not been given the opportunity to disagree. What you need is incognito browsing apps.

Well, there are several browsers dedicated to preserving your privacy, we’ll take a look at a few of the popular ones: 

Yandex Browser

The Yandex browser is available for both Android & Apple devices. Settings in app allow you to browse incognito by offering the option to avoid cookies & adverts. Security warnings are issued by the browser if it finds fraudulent content, or malpractice on any Website. The browser also offers a host of other tools, which enhance your browsing experience, such as voice search & a ‘recommended feed-list’ of ‘clean’ Sites suited to your interests. 


Brave’s motto is, ‘You are not a product’, & it aims to protect you from opportunistic advertisers. Brave reckons that it cost each unsuspecting user more than US $250 per annum to download unwanted trackers & adverts that they are, totally, unaware of. This browser, which is available for both Android & Apple is geared to privacy & speed, offering you a worry-free browsing experience. Quite popular on the list of incognito browsing apps list.


Ghostery offers a feature-packed browsing toolbox. However, the feature that holds priority is your privacy. Ghostery blocks adverts & warns you if Sites attempt to add any trackers to your device. The browser is also very quick, so it saves you data costs too.  

VPN + TOR from Bendingspoons

This browser from Bendingspoons offers a VPN (Virtual Private Nameserver) configuration, which keeps your personal data secure & away from the prying eyes of fraudsters & money-hungry advertisers. This browser also uses TOR (The Onion Router), which pings your connection back & forth, to ensure absolute anonymity while on the Net. 

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin, which is available for both Android & Apple, caters to users wanting to avoid ‘sharks’ & have a secure browsing experience. The browser allows you to avoid disruptive adverts, & dodge trackers. Also, this browser has a number of other useful features such as tabbed browsing, sonar search & gesture control.

In conclusion:

In closing, we must mention that Google Chrome & Firefox both have incognito browser extensions available for their applications. Therefore, with all this protection available, there’s absolutely no need to expose yourself to tricksters & fraudulent operators.




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