Import, manage & organize your app store data in Google Sheets with ‘AppStoreMetrix’ – #Startups

Did you ever wish there was a simple way to analyze how you’re using Apple store & Google Play without jumping through hoops? Now, with AppStoreMetrix, you can collect data from these app stores & automatically import it into a spreadsheet. You can schedule imports, use convenient filter functions & visualize usage stats with the ease of use of Google Sheets.

You can even download app statistics for i-app purchases, app installs & other data for all apps in your Google account. Automatic downloads can be set for gathering data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. There’s no need for manually downloading & transforming raw data.

You can structure your data for easy sharing. Various report types are available, such as crashes for specific apps, sales & financials, earnings, installs, etc. A dashboard function is available that will display app stats visualizations on a sheet that’s separate & can be easily shared with other users, or you can use standard Google Sheets visualization functions.

AppStoreMetrix is a Google Sheets add-on & can be installed here. The add-on can be used for free during a trial period & 3 monthly subscription plans are available. 

AppStoreMetrix is under development by Dreyer Digital Consulting, a Hamburg, Germany-based company. It specializes in digital business models & media management, & has helped a number of companies on the road to digital transformation. 


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 


Image Credit: AppStoreMetrix

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