How does Google Lens work? – e-Why, What & How

how does google lens workWhen Google Lens was released in 2017, the AI-powered application was an exclusive feature of Google Pixel devices. Now, Google Lens is available on most Android devices either as a standalone app or as a feature within Google Assistant or Photos.

Those who are familiar with Samsung’s Bixby will easily understand what Google Lens does. So how does Google Lens work?

This AI-powered feature uses deep machine learning capabilities to identify objects captured by your phone camera. Not only can it detect objects that your phone is pointed at, but it also offers options & actions based on the identified objects in the image.

With Google Lens, you can point your camera at an object & ask Google assistant to give you more information about the object in the frame.

Although the Lens cannot recognize faces yet, it can be used to identify landmarks, art pieces, signs & buildings such as clubs, restaurants, cafes & so on.

Google Lens will also provide additional information & recommend actions based on the object it identifies. For example, it could present additional information about a famous painting like the artist or year it was painted or show you Online reviews about a cafe, or restaurant in the image.

Apart from these scenarios, the app was recently updated to allow ‘Smart Text’ Selection capabilities. This will make it possible for Lens to identify & highlight texts from a photo.

Users will be able to copy & paste the highlighted text on their phone or search for it Online using Google Assistant. So if you have a book & that you would want to know more about, you can simply point your camera at the cover page & Google Lens will pick up the texts & do an Online search for more information about the book.

The Lens is also useful for Online shopping as you can now point to items like clothing & accessories around & you will be shown similar products Online, price, shopping options, & reviews.

How does Google Lens work?

There is a standalone Google Lens App available for some Android devices. You can also find the Google Lens icon within other Google Apps like Google Assistant, Google Photos & even within the camera apps of some phones. While the Lens App is the most direct way to make use of it, the experience is quite similar no matter your Approach.

The Google Lens icon will show up on the bottom of your window on Google Photos or Google Assistant. When you tap on this icon, the scanning dots will Appear on the picture you want to scan & you will automatically be shown information or suggestions based on the scanned image. The Text feature also allows you to copy information on a photo without having to write it by hand.