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There are so many reasons to read. Besides the fact that reading makes people smarter it helps to reduce daily stress. As a result, people reading books or some such can be found almost anywhere. Whether it’s on a train, a bus, a plane or even at home. Technology & smartphones have even made it easier to carry a number of books around, in the form of e-books or on Kindle.

For almost every book a person reads there is bound to be something that stands out to them.  Maybe a quote or a paragraph that said something absolutely awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, many people forget these quotes & words of wisdom the moment they close the book. It doesn’t have to be that way. One can create a database of all the quotes they loved from various books & reference it any time they like. The app for this is known as Snippet.

With this tool, users can highlight any portion of a digital article & add it to their collection. Currently, the Snippet platform works with the Google Chrome browser only. There are, however, plans to expand to all major browsers in the near future.

Some people are already used to making highlights on their Amazon Kindle devices. One can also import these onto Snippet so that they have all their highlights from different platforms in one place. There is also the option of typing in quotes.

Once an individual has amassed a large number of quotes, they might need to organize them into different categories. This way those that apply to business & those that apply to personal life can be classified differently. One can create collections for different categories such as motivational, religion, health, etc. An interesting feature is that the user can denote various colors to quotes. In addition, a photo can be added right next to the quote to add visual appeal.

The result of all this is an aesthetically pleasing collection of quotes that personally resonate with the user.

It is also possible to want to share some quotes in the hope of touching other people’s lives. The share snippets feature allows one to send quotes to various other apps. Among them are Facebook, Twitter, Evernote & quite a few others.

There are no charges whatsoever for using the Snippet service. For the time being, nothing else seems to be known about the individuals responsible except that they must be book lovers.


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 




Image Credit: Snippet

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