Here comes Android 9 Pie

Finally, after more than a year of development & testing, Google today said it was ready to launch Android 9 Pie, the latest edition of its Android OS.

What makes this edition different from the previous ones is that Android 9 harnesses the power of Machine Learning (ML) to “make your phone smarter & simpler.” To know its full features, click here.

For developers, Android 9 includes new ways to enhance apps & build new experiences to drive engagement. Google has decided to start the Android 9 rollout to all Pixel users worldwide, followed by other devices.

Some of its features include:

Google has partnered with DeepMind on a feature called Adaptive Battery that uses ML to prioritize system resources for the apps the user cares about most. If your app is optimized for DozeApp Standby, & Background Limits, Adaptive Battery should work well for you right out of the box. If you haven’t yet taken optimized your app, make sure to check out the details in the power documentation to see how it works.

App Actions

App Actions is a new way to raise the visibility of your app & drive engagement. Actions take advantage of ML to surface your app to the user at just the right time, based on your app’s semantic intents & the user’s context.


Image Credit: Google