GrexIt collaboration tool helps you share information right from your Inbox


GrexIt is a collaboration tool that helps you share Gmail labels, contacts & notes with other members of your team.

Notwithstanding the flood of new communications tools & mediums such as instant messaging & video chats & virtual conferencing platforms, the most popular & effective method of business & work-related electronic communications is still email.

But this also means that all the information in the flood of emails flowing in & out of every inbox becomes a walled off silo. The owner of the email knows what’s in it & is able to find it quite easily. But others in your team will probably be unaware that such information exists, so finding & using it is likely out of the question if said employee is no longer around.

This is where GrexIt comes into the picture as a collaboration tool that allows you to move important emails to a centralized & shared repository where it is easily available for later use. The way it works is pretty much similar to the way you use Gmail, with labels to group emails, stars to mark them, & a search bar to find a specific email or thread.

In essence, it’s Gmail minus the mailing facility. Oh, & if you don’t manage it properly, it’ll get just as full of unwanted clutter as your Inbox. But the ability to collaborate with shared Gmail labels, contacts, templates & notes makes it very useful for organizations who want to keep their project management simple without adding more tools & IT platforms.

A basic version of GrexIt for upto 3 users with 3 shared labels, 50 emails & 10 notes per day is free. The premium versions with additional features & more users range from US$6 to $18 per month.

Palo Alto, CA, US-based GrexIt Inc. was founded in 2011 by Niraj Ranjan Rout & Nitesh Nandy.

Image Credit: GrexIt


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