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Website owners often require some very intensive graphic design apps to produce quality work. These apps can be very demanding, forcing an artist to invest in a powerful computer beforehand. Finding inspiration for their next project can also be very hard. This startup ‘Drawser’ claims to solve both these painpoints.

The graphics editor provided by Drawser has everything one would need to create a compelling work of art. It enables users to create, edit & save their projects on that single platform. The Web app doesn’t have many demands on the user’s computer & is able to work fast under most conditions. The result is that designers have an easy time creating whatever graphics project they might have in mind.

Drawser also features a sort of social media or community platform for all the designers who use its services. Once a user is done creating a particular project they can post or publish it on their Drawser profile if they so wish. Other users will be able to see these posts & derive inspiration from them to start their own projects.

Users are also at liberty to choose a graphics projects from the ones posted on the platform to try & improve & refine on what is in it. This makes sure that no project will ever go unfinished or if someone else has a different take on how the contents should be portrayed they can do so without stepping on anyone’s toes. The resulting piece can be republished & someone else can take over from there.

Unlike most graphic design apps that have to be downloaded & installed, Drawser sets itself apart by working on a normal browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & the like.

The platform doesn’t have any subscription fees & it seems that it will remain that way for quite some time. Drawser, however, lets users try it out before actually registering for the platform with their Google Drive credentials.


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Image Credit: Drawser

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