Google Nest Hub Max: All you should know about Google’s smart display

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Google made some announcements during Google I/O by EoD. 1st, there’s going to be a merger between two of their hardware divisions: Nest and Google Home.

And that’s not all…

The other bigger news was the release of a smart device – The Google Nest Hub Max.

The Google Nest Hub Max does all the functions of the original Google Home Hub which goes for $149 but there are a few differences.

It comes with a smart display & a camera for your video calls & home security. The retail price for the device has been set at $229 and you can get it in both gray and white even though the bezel around the display will be white, regardless.

The Google Nest Hub Max has a matte display that switches color temperature depending on the room it is in.

With its 10-inch screen, the Google Nest Hub Max can be likened to a framed photograph rather than your regular LCD panel. Your face is recognizable with this device.

It serves as an amazing display that shows you your Google Photos albums, information like weather or recipes, and a kitchen TV that works with services like YouTube TV and Hulu (not Netflix). It comes with a Google Assistant-powered smart speaker.

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