Get WiFi using peer-to-peer network with ‘Anyfi’ – New app

Did a dire need for an urgent Internet connection in an area with poor connectivity ever leave you in dire straits? ‘Anyfi’ claims to solve that problem by using a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network to connect people to the Internet.

As explained on their Website, the platform shares WiFi connections among devices to help out-of-range devices with Internet connectivity. Furthermore, the user’s device will automatically connect to close-range hotspots created by other devices. This sharing of the user’s Internet connection with others will form a “WiFi mesh network of smartphones”.


With a jump in the number of Internet users, the mobile data usage has skyrocketed. Now, this surge in demand gives rise to building of multiple cell towers & WiFi access points, & consumers are charged for it. Also, setting up a network or even routine maintenance of current network infrastructure takes up massive resources. 

Anyfi says it will combat this & all related problems. It’s a software-defined wireless network of user devices.
Anyfi shares WiFi connections using peer-to-peer network among devices so that even devices out-of-range can “connect”. The user device automatically connects to nearby hotspots created by other devices, & shares its own connection with others to create a WiFi mesh network of smartphones. So basically each device starts acting as a cell tower or WiFi access point. The higher the number of Anyfi users, the more extensive the network coverage. This tool is currently available on the Android platform only.

Safety Concern
Now, P2P connections are vulnerable to security risks. Nonetheless, Anyfi claims to have added security measures to that benefit including bilateral authentication, end-to-end encryption & a few others to make sure that any attempts to compromise the network are stopped in their tracks.

Moreover, the platform provides automatic upgrades. Essentially, all you need to make the app work is a WiFi network & two or more Android devices.



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Video Credit: AnyFi

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