‘GameClub’ is breathing life into classic iOS games – #Startups


If you are an old iOS user you will probably remember titles like ‘Hook Champ’,  ‘Crash’. ‘Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D’, ‘Tap Tap Revenge’, ‘Enigmo’ & other similar popular iPhone games of the early years of the Apple iPad & iPhones.  The truth is developers might have moved on to newer games & have abandoned these old loved games. But thanks to ‘GameClub’, you can start re-playing these old games on your device.

GameClub is a new startup (currently in beta) that is hoping to bring back long forgotten iOS games, & it’s starting with Rocketcats’s 2009 blockbuster game, ‘Hook Champ’. GameClub’s plan is to resurrect all these long forgotten classic games with the help of iOS developers & mobile gamers. The company believes that premium game experiences can still be enjoyed on modern mobile devices. In addition to bringing back old favorites, GameClub will also be launching some new titles as well.

Hook Champ, the first retro game that GameClub is reviving was an instant hit when it was released back in late 2009. Like many other popular games of the past, the critically acclaimed game disappeared some years after its release as Apple moved on with some upgrades.

In an attempt to improve the performance of its devices, it is normal that Apple upgrades iOS once in a while. When this happens a break in software compatibility is almost inevitable, especially for the much older games. If developers aren’t making so much money on such games, they don’t bother going through the stress of upgrading most of these games which leaves many fans disappointed.

However, by signing up for GameClub,  many of these classic games like Hook Champ can be reloaded & see a comeback on many devices. GameClub is also giving users to help shape the direction this project will take in the coming days.

Image Credit: GameClub