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[sg_popup id=”12″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]There are lots of challenges that face Online freelancers while they are on the job. They include competition from the world over, lack of steady workflow & the ever-increasing number of scams. With this in mind, it’s probably a good idea for freelancers to have a reliable money transfer medium. This is because all things considered they will get clients from all over the world & might need to change currencies & get money deposited right into their accounts.

Wirize is a Web tool that claims to be the fastest way for freelancers to accept card payments Online. It also helps with Online money transfer. Launched in 2018, it’s looks like a sound way to let people send money directly into freelancer’s bank accounts by using ‘Stripe’ payouts. The way the tool is setup is that it will accept over 130 currencies from any location in the world. Additionally, one can make payments & monitor the transaction in real time.

It is very easy for a user to connect their bank account to Wirize with the whole process taking no more than 3 minutes. Wirize uses Stripe, the Stripe API & also an individual’s Stripe account to process either debit card or credit card transactions. With a Wirize account in hand, one can be sure that any Online money transaction they take part in is going to be secure from the get-go.

As of the moment registering for the Site & using its services is free. This is scheduled to change once the Web tool comes out of Beta. The team responsible have not expressly stated when this is supposed to happen. However, one is charged a merchant fee for each & every successful transaction.



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Image Credit: Wirize

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