Free WiFi during a rideshare – here’s a new app


You want to get in on a beta for a ridesharing free WiFi app? Say, you are on a long drive with a cab driver & you need to check your email from the boss (the work life one, as well as the personal one, wink, wink). Or you are an Uber cab driver, and want to offer your customer something that won’t break your bank. Something other than nuts or water. How about free WiFi? How can you get it while avoiding roaming charges?

A new startup is fine tuning the Android version of affordable Internet for ridesharing. This San Francisco, California,US-based company Meshable is looking for beta testers with feedback to offer for their new venture. Their app allows you to use the driver’s Internet access for free while you are on the ride. They aim to subsidize the driver completely. The company uses any reliable technology on the platform that can form a mesh network. These may be WiFi Direct, MultiPeer, Hotspots, etc. Participating fully in a mesh network where users can partake & share WiFi, is the idea behind this venture.

When you sign up to join as a beta tester, you receive a special code to sign into the app. An email will be sent, giving you further instructions. All very cloak & dagger, you may think. But the company believes ride sharing is only going to get bigger, and offering free WiFi during the ride makes sense. They are partnering with businesses that would subsidize the cost of the data.

The app developer, Robert Gawdzik, says the iOS beta is forthcoming.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. - 
Image Credit: Meshable


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