‘elink.io’ makes a bunch of links into visual Content for social media channels


Everyone likes to share Content with their friends, colleagues & significant others, but sharing on social media can be haphazard & sometimes poorly organized. This visual bookmark publishing tool ‘elink.io’ steps in to help you share Content in an informative & inspirational manner by curating, publishing & sharing links to Online writing.

This tool was created by a small San Francisco, USA-based company: HKSR Group, to satisfy a common problem that the founders were encountering when trying to share the volumes of Content they were encountering daily on the Web. Their work & personal interactions were getting voluminous & complex. Doing things like coordinating Online purchases, sharing interesting articles & design inspirations, etc. were done by sending Web links back & forth by email, or by sharing on social media like Twitter or Facebook, or on messaging platforms like Facebook messenger, SMS, Slack or WhatsApp.

They soon realized that sharing collections of related links in a beautiful & meaningful way would be useful to many other people. Especially to what the founders refer to as “research bingers”, folks who will research the bejeezus out of a subject, like  politics, science feats, world affairs, astronomy, design, beauty, art, fashion, or whatever strikes their fancy. They open up tab after tab on their browser for one of these subjects, & when they’re done, find it extremely frustrating closing all those tabs. Now with elink, instead of having all that research go to waste, you can create & share a web page that includes images clickable links.

The way it works is:

Download & install a Chrome extension, pick a particular layout out of a list of proposed visual templates, add your links to the web pages that you want to include, blog entries, images, videos, etc. & publish your elink.

Pricing for the tool is US$ 0 (free) to get unlimited elinks, mobile optimized, custom URLs & a personal profile, but if you want the “Pro” features: analytics tracking & an ad free version, you will need to pay US$ 10 per month.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –  
Image Credit: elink



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