e-Signing your documents in an easy way

Looking for a smart way to digitize your Content? How about you start with your documents?

Well, ‘KeepSolid’ is an Online encryption & data security solutions company, & 1 of its products, the e-signature solution, has been designed to help you streamline both your processes & also your work flows which require signatures. It’s an all-purpose tool that can be applied in a number of fields, just to mention a few; business, education, enterprise & such. With ‘KeepSolid Sign’, users can sign their documents, create document templates, store & even share the signed documents, monitor the status of their deals in real time.

As the world becomes more digitized each day, we need tools that will help save time & also improve the overall work flow. E-sign technology is one way to help us improve our productivity & thus improve the overall effectiveness.

Overview of KeepSolid Sign features

  • E-signature
  • Effective teamwork
  • Offline mode
  • Secure storage & synchronization
  • Easy collaboration
  • Clear status of documents


How KeepSolid Sign works

Round all your documents in one app

You will easily import all the necessary documents in the PDF format from the place you have stored them such as the Google drive, Dropbox or Evernote, wherever they may be, you need to import them to the store them in this app.

Invite other participants

You can share your documents with other people & complete them in minutes. This, therefore, means that you can fix a signing order, specify a relevant access rights or even leave comments to set the records straight.

Add annotations

Create your digital signature & sign the documents, the contract, or agreement with just the tap of a button & that would be all. It is quite easy to use. You will also find that with the KeepSolid sign, you can add more annotations like initials, data, notes, etc, you can also assign them to other users.

Monitor the status of your documents

With the status signing, you can clearly monitor or see at what stage of the signing process each document is. If time is a major issue, you can create a reminder to all the concerned participants.


KeepSolid Sign is a product designed by the KeepSolid Company which majorly specializes in productivity products.

The pricing of the product is on a subscription basis & this depends on your company type.

Image Credit: KeepSolid