DrumUp is not human, yet can be your personal, intelligent social media manager – #Startup

DrumUp is an “intelligent” Content discovery Web app for professionals & small businesses to track their industry, get a daily digest of news & keep up their social visibility.

What drumUp essentially does is discover & posts Content to social media accounts such as Twitter & Facebook so that you or even your brand can initiate meaningful conversations with your followers.

One of the biggest challenges before people & businesses today is discovering relevant Content, almost 24X7, in order to stay on top of their respective industry. Community managers need to curate all kinds of Content to get an active social media presence. Which could be time consuming. Searching for relevant Content & Online browsing for the same takes up hours – & time is a luxury not many community managers have.

This is where drumUp steps in. It solves the Content problem by applying a mix of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & natural language processing algorithms to the huge amount of Online Content being generated daily; then matching the result with a user’s preferences. The result of these complex background processes is a daily digest of recommended stories, customized for every user. The stories are displayed in the app in a neat, linear format for easy browsing & scheduling for social media outlets.

The founders of this app from Bangalore, India are IIT/IIM graduates who have been in the digital Content space for years. While this team’s 1st solution was geared towards social sharing for businesses, its 2nd, being worked on currently, is a daily news digest app for professionals.

User traction & feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, claimed the team. Within a few months of launch, more than 1300+ small businesses, professionals & social media managers were on DrumUp. Over 60,000 posts per month are being scheduled/posted through DrumUp on Twitter & Facebook pages, & the number was growing every day. As of now, the drumUp app is in beta & available for free for a limited period.

The drumUp teams consists of Vishal Dutta, IIT Delhi, IIM Lucknow, who was previously co-founder & CEO Godot Media, Management Consultant at Accenture, & Sophia Solanki, IIT Delhi. She was previously co-founder & COO Godot Media, Management Consultant at Opera Solutions, a New York based consulting firm.

“We believe Content discovery is a huge problem that needs to be solved intelligently. There is a deluge of news stories, social media posts & articles being generated on a daily basis. Sifting through all the Content is becoming impossible. This is where DrumUp comes in. You tell DrumUp what you are interested in, & it will do the hard job of finding the most relevant content for you daily”, Vishal told What’s New On The Net.

Adds Sophia, “The current app is focused on users who need to maintain an active social media presence. In addition, we are also working on another app, based on the core Content discovery engine, which will be a fully customizable daily news digest solution for professionals. DrumUp’s current user base is largely from the US & the Content discovery is also focused on the region presently. We are planning to expand to other geographies soon.”

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