Don’t let your cell phone take over your life. Use ‘Wandle’ app – New app

smartphone appIt has now become clear that smartphones are increasingly controlling our lives. Something needs to be done to correct this & therein comes in Wandle. It’s an Android app with some interesting capabilities.  It’s able to use a person’s calendar data to intuit when the person will be performing an “important” task. With this information at hand, it will then mute notifications for messages as well as calls.

The app’s developer claims it can tell when the user is driving, for example. This feature is quite useful in that it can prevent the rising number of car accidents because of drivers answering phone calls while driving.

Research has moreover revealed recently that smartphones negatively affect a person’s sleep cycle. Consequently, a lot of people with these devices suffer from sleep-related disorders. Wandle has an answer for that, too. The device won’t make as much as a sound when one is sleeping. What follows is a more productive society during work hours.

Also, it’s possible to ruin some precious & priceless moments by use of phones. Instead of being available to the family members most people end up distracted by what constantly appears on their notification bars. To curb this the user can choose places & dates where the app’s “Do Not Disturb,” mode activates. As a result, they can concentrate fully on the tasks at hand.

Wandle covers quite a number of possible scenarios & can be customized to cater for each. The user can choose particular people whose messages & calls will be dismissed as well as those that will be put into a blacklist.

At the end of it, all one can view all the notifications they missed out on via the app’s dashboard. They can then take whatever action is appropriate.

Wandle can be downloaded for free but users will have to pay a certain subscription fee to use it.

Click here to download Wandle on your Android device.

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Image Credit: Wandle

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