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‘Field’ mobile wireframe kit is a large user interaction tool that will help you to design an entire mobile app. The kit works in Sketch, & the developers claim that they will soon enable it to work with Illustrator CS6. It is an 80+ screen mobile wireframe kit & allows users to work with vector shapes & Google Font, among others.

Not familiar with designing an app? With Field, you need not worry as it provides you with a selection of mobile UI kits to choose from. It makes designing & prototyping an app as straightforward as a typical design activity can be & makes this process fun too.

The many UI kits that they provide will save you from the problem of finding 1 or more tools that will suit your needs best.

The interaction kit’s field contains eight categories that include:

  1. A walkthrough of how to use the kit
  2. Sign up/ Login
  3. Navigation through the kit
  4. Feed
  5. Blog
  6. Media
  7. Shop
  8. The kit’s setting

Field wireframe kit brings about speed & flexibility in design. To get to the component you need the tool that organizes the files so that you will not have to click on many levels of groups. Inserting the components is also quick because they are grouped as symbols hence you will not be needed to select all the elements.

To enable you to copy-paste & edit elements, the kit focuses on individual components other than on your entire screen. With Field, you can take advantage of the sketch symbols by reusing them as well as applying changes to components you already have. You can try out a demo version of the kit or purchase the complete kit to check out its features. This kit thus helps designing apps that are simple & intuitive to use.

Field was developed by Volkan Olmez, who is also a designer & the founder of Fol Studio. It is located in Istanbul, Turkey.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –


Image Credit: Field

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