‘Chanty’ is AI-powered business messenger app that’s taking on ‘Slack’ – #Startup

If you’re in a software development shop chances are you’re relying on Slack as your messaging & collaboration platform. Slack’s integration with tons of software platforms & its powerful search through message history make it a veritable industry standard. Now ‘Chanty’ offers a “more affordable alternative” (the current beta version is free), which includes practically all functionality in Slack plus AI-based productivity features.

Getting started with Chanty is as simple as asking for access to the beta program from their product Website. No IT-heavy management is needed to set it up. Teams are created by entering an email address & team name, then inviting colleagues.

Applied AI, i.e. machine learning is what Chanty uses to predict responses. Productivity is enhanced by saving the time you spend on typing responses by offering relevant responses to choose from, choosing from a prompt so you don’t have to type.

Of course, Chanty wouldn’t be a serious Slack competitor without integration with common services, which let you connect to multiple sources from one place. You can receive notifications, structure information & monitor activity from services like Stripe, Zapier, Jira, IFTTT, Google Drive, Twitter, Salesforce…

Another great advantage of using Chanty is its workflow & team collaboration features, which let you turn channel discussions into workflows. You can coordinate tasks & make smarter decisions by concentrating on the most meaningful tasks through the instant prompts for creating discussions regarding files, polls or tasks.

A workflow for a task gets assigned team members responsible for a successful outcome & a clear result, which must be approved by a workflow supervisor. Through this feature companies can coordinate & sync tasks between teams & so “increase company productivity, responsiveness & profitability.”

Chanty also includes the ability of teams to make individual or team audio & video calls directly from a chat. Voice messages can also be sent with voice transcripts, which gives you an instant text version of your audio, that way freeing you up from having to waste time listening to potentially useless noise. You also don’t have to write things down & take notes.

Other interesting features are:

  • Chanty’s unlimited message history means that you won’t lose any messages & the entire team’s message history is searchable.
  • Easy file sharing for images, PDFs, spreadsheets & other file formats, using drag & drop.
  • Instant search so you quickly can locate any file, message, emoji, link, notification…
  • @mentions let you reach your teammates through push notifications on their phones
  • Major platforms are supported: Web, MacOS, Windows, iOS & Android

Chanty is led by CEO Nick Kamyshan & is based in New York, USA & Ukraine. 

– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review –  
Image Credit: Chanty
(This is a corrected version. Earlier, it was mentioned Chanty was based in Texas, USA, which was wrong. It’s been corrected to New York, USA.)

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