Can’t type while jogging? Voice record an email to self with ‘Notabene’ – New app

Consider this scenario – your head just threw up a gem of a thought for your blog but you are jogging or an important mail needs to be sent while you’re travelling. So how do you record this? Well, now you can jot down your thoughts on ‘Notabene’ & send yourself an email.

NotaBene, a free messaging app for iOS, is designed to send quick notes to an assistant or even to yourself particularly when you’re on the move. Jotting down a to-do list or anything you feel you might wish to remember later could be very useful. With messages stored for easy searching at any time, NotaBene provides an effective method to remain clued-in on all tasks.

The smartphone app requires iOS 0.9 or later & is compatible with iPad, iPhone or iPod. Designed with busy executives in mind, the app supports voice messaging, so there’s no need to type. Furthermore, you can include images too for easy reference. NotaBene’s recipient listing feature means that you don’t need to remember email addresses; one click & your note is ready. You can even preset the subject line.

Each note here is geotagged, that is stored according to the location, which keeps the information well-organized. In addition, even voice-recorded messages are searchable as they are transcribed by the app immediately on receipt.

The Fin Exploration Company, Inc, the makers of NotaBene explain you can integrate it with Fin, their Machine Learning-based on-demand assistant service, too.

You can take a look at NotaBene’s walkthrough video to understand the working of the app.

– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review –
Video Credit: NotaBene

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