Go beyond calling & texting. Call someone & get teleported to a virtual world – New app

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Chances are you’re a little bored with the typical, humdrum voice-only or featureless Skype-type video calls that are currently the norm. Even texting, chatting & other forms of Online messaging can get a little old after a while. This is where TeleportCall VR can spice things up a bit by letting both ends of a call go on a VR expedition in which they are sharing a curated 360 degree video landscape.


This free Android app lets you ‘teleport’ yourself & the person you’re calling to a shared virtual land whenever you call each other.  Virtual Reality (VR) mode is enabled on both ends of the call allowing both parties an immersive experience. By promoting the creation of shared virtual video Content, its developers claim that their aim is to be the YouTube of the emerging VR Content space.

There are a number of interesting scenarios in which this app can come in handy, like the case of a school teacher who can take students on virtual trips without ever leaving the classroom, or when you’d like to go out on a date & aren’t likely to be in each other’s general vicinity any time soon, then you can take him/her for a virtual trip to a nice romantic spot you both fancy.  It can be a great intimacy booster for lovers who are away from each other & with the large choices of curated virtual places available to visit, it can definitely help you both decide & plan on a place to make a real-life trip.



According to the developers, the app contains a number of social features that make it appealing, like:

  • You can add your close pals as your friends by sharing your Teleport Pin.
  • Call your close pals & both of you to stay on Virtual Reality mode on both ends & be in an immersive mode
  • VR videos will be synchronized on both ends
  • Unlock new videos everyday
  • Refer more users & get more points (feature coming soon)
  • Unlock more videos & get more points (feature coming soon)
  • Use the app for longer time & get more points (feature coming soon)
  • If you are a photographer/videographer/travel enthusiast who can capture stunning 360 degree videos, here is your chance to become more popular & also a new way to make money. This is a great platform to monetize your Content
  • If you’re an advertiser, you can take advantage of this 360 degree world

TeleportCall supports many of the most popular VR rigs around, like Google Cardboard, Oculus, View Master, Samsung Gear VR, VR Shinecon, BOBO VR, DODOcase, Unofficial Cardboard, Homido as well as other headsets which allow VR on mobile phones. The app works on any mobile stereoscopic headset with a built-in accelerometer. It’s been tested on the following Android devices, but is known to work on a number of other phones with Android v4.1 & up, as well:

  • Nexus 5X
  • Nexus 6P
  • Nexus 5
  • Samsung S6
  • Samsung Note3
  • Samsung S5
  • Lenovo K4 Note
  • Sony Xperia Z2
  • Motorola Moto X

You can get the Android version at the Google Play store here. The Bangalore, India-based GazeMatic is the company developing the app, & says that an iOS version is slated to be available soon.

Image Credit: GazeMatic



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