‘Box’ acquires ‘smart’ search work tool ‘butter.ai’

It started out around 2 years ago “to solve the problem of lost documents at work”. Butter.ai is a search tool backed by Machine Learning (ML) & Natural Language Processing to ensure employees always find their work documents, across apps.

Now, Butter has joined forces with ‘box’, a platform that provides business solutions.


Here’s what box had to say about this development:

The team from Butter.ai will help Box to bring more intelligence to our Search capabilities, enabling Box’s 85,000 customers to more easily navigate through their unstructured information – making searching for files in Box more contextualized, predictive, and personalized. For example, searching for the word “contract” in Box for a member of the sales team will be more likely to turn up sales contracts whereas the HR team will be more likely to see employment contracts; or a retailer searching for “blue dress” would return images of blue dresses from the latest clothing line.

By bringing intelligent experiences to Box, our customers will be able to extract key information from their content, enabling businesses to uncover insights, work faster and smarter and reimagine their business processes. In October, we launched Box Skills, a framework that brings the best machine learning innovations to content already stored securely in Box, and with today’s news we’re continuing to invest in our intelligence capabilities, with Search a big part of this future.