‘Big Photo’ lets you enlarge or downsize your iPhone photos while keeping full resolution – New app

With this iOS-only app, you can take your latest-gen, high-resolution iPhone photos, of up to 115 megapixels, & downsize them to custom sizes. Among a bunch of other great features, you can resize a photo to 200%+ of its size without ruining its original quality, by doing intelligent upsampling.

Up until Big Photo came along if you wanted to do advanced photo editing on your iPhone or iPad, your options were limited & rather poor. Standard editing apps have limited feature sets & Big Photo does a great job of extending them. Big Photo also comes with an exceptional zoom viewer that extends your iPhone camera’s real-time digital zoom by using the app’s crop & enlarge feature.

To get started with the app, swipe on a photo from the selection scroller, which shows pics from your camera roll, & tap on it to select it for viewing or editing. If you tap on the camera icon within the app you can take a shot directly.

You can use standard touch gestures, like pinching in/out to zoom in & out. When you press & hold on a spot you’ll be able to zoom into the spot at full-res & 100% zoom. A double-tap gets you zoomed at full-res right into the spot, zoomed out to a complete view fit on the screen. Unlike other editing apps, Big Photo then works on an actual-sized, full resolution picture, even when it’s larger than 20 megapixels.

Cropping photos at original resolution means you’ll keep a lot more pixels than you would with other editing apps, which use downsized versions of the photos. Enlarged or downsized edits of your photos will be automatically saved to your camera roll & you can import or export pics to the Documents folder.

The app is also able to take videos from your camera roll, even when stored in iCloud, & when you pause & select favorite frames, you’ll get about 10 frames to choose from. You can then edit or save these frames as photos. You can also pick a picture to turn into icons.

Other interesting features of the app are:

  • Rotate/flip at any angle with support for alpha channel (transparent region)
  • Batch resizer (in-app purchase) to resize hundreds of photos at a time
  • Scrollable EXIF viewer

Big Photo works on iPhone 4/4S,5-8 & X gen phones & requires iOS 8 or later. It costs US $2.99.

Click here to download Big Photo on your iOS device. The app is developed by Zynsoft, a Pleasanton, California, USA-based company that’s specialized in iPhone/iPad app development.


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 


Image Credit: Big Photo

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