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one time passwordsOne of the best ways to secure your account & keep your passwords safe from attacks is by using one time passwords. However, despite their usefulness, OTPS are not easy to use which is why many people simply avoid them entirely.

‘Avain’ makes it easy to use OTPs. It’s an easy to use, modern & secure one time password manages that not only safely encrypts & protects your accounts but also syncs your one-time passwords securely between your devices so you can log into your accounts using OTPs faster & more conveniently.

All encryption on Avain is done using Web Crypto which ensures that no one is able to access your data but you. Your Avain password is hashed using PBKDF2 protocol, the hashed one time password is then used as a master keys which is then used for encrypting your OTP URLs making it more secure. This is done using Advanced Encryption Standard AES-CBC then salted using random Secure Hash Algorithm SHA-256.

Avain is a progressive Web app, which mean you don’t have to install any application on your device
to access it. Simply visit  from your browser to sign up for the service. You will be sent an email to create your account. Once your sign in is completed, you can visit the Website anytime & you will be given secure access to the verification keys you create. You can also add the Web application to the home screen of your browser to make it a lot easier to access.


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Image Credit: Avain

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