Rose Shelton

Wish to make your virtual reality debut? Here are some popular VR devices – e-Why, What & How

With popular VR devices, a wide range of options are available for different types or models; there is the high-end tethered types, the standalone VR headsets, the mobile VR devices, so on & so forth.

No-code platform hopes to empower individuals build codeless creations – #Startups

‘Zeroqode’ aims at emboldening individuals with no technical background or programming skills to be able to build & launch applications, products that are as good as any other coded creations.

Platform offers conversational landing page to better conversion rates – #Startups

This bot is not powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) or data language.’s interactions are based entirely on buttons which gives you total control to queries your bot has to address & the answer.