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There are messaging apps & then, there are anonymous messaging apps. Sometimes, you want to prank your friends, reveal your secret crush or tease someone. Here’s the app which lets you send messages, videos, voice-notes or photos without revealing your identity. Only when you decide to unmask yourself will the receiver know who sent the message. Let the fun & games begin.

Shelleno Group, an Israel-based company specializing in mobile technology applications, has pioneered BLINDSPOT, the app which lets you be truly yourself, without being judged by others. The company, headquartered in Herzliya, Israel, has other popular apps like Mr, MM, MyLifeSocks, Hotshot & Troll in its stable.

Here’s what BLINDSPOT offers:

  • Chat one-to-one with your friends anonymously
  • Whatever you send no one will know who you really are
  • Your name and contact details will always be hidden, until you decide to reveal your identity
  • Express yourself freely to one another
  • Share text, photos, videos & voice-notes instantly
  • You can always block anyone who annoys you

After downloading BLINDSPOT, & giving your permission to access your friends list, you can start sending anonymous messages. It’s all in good fun, but obviously, there is potential for things to get ugly. Use your imagination.

But the developers have worked around that. You can block a pesky sender bombarding you with unwanted messages, & if three people block that person, his account is closed. Shelleno Chairman, O D Kobo, believes that the purpose of the app is to have good fun. Intended for younger people who use similar apps like Snapchat, BLINDSPOT promises a good time for users. In an interview with, Kobo has said elsehwere, “There’s a lot of falseness today on social media. But when you remove the barrier of identity between people things get interesting. For shy people, real people, BLINDSPOT is the ultimate tool to be honest without fear.”

The idea for the app was born in a hackathon in Israel, & the lively nature of the app has attracted celebrity investment. Prominent among the high octane investors are Roman Abramovich, Will.I. Am, Dave Holmes & Nicky Minaj. Many of the investors seem to be involved with the music industry.

This free app works on Android & iOS devices.

Click here to download BLINDSPOT on your Android device.

Click here to download BLINDSPOT on your iOS device.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
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