An assistant on-the-go, ‘Fin’ offers to organize your digital chores – New app

Ever wished to have an executive assistant who is available at your beck & call 24x7x365? Well, this personal assistant, ‘Fin’, doesn’t take weekends off, fall ill, sleep or take a vacation, claims its maker, the Fin Exploration Company.

Fin, available on the iOS App Store, is a Machine Learning-based on-demand assistant service.

The founders are determined to prove that this symbiotic relationship of a human-robot makes their assistant better. The idea is to allow machines to do the learning, while letting humans affect decision-making. The makers explain the concept behind crafting the “high quality executive & personal assistance”, on their Website.

We’re using a combination of computer and human intelligence to deliver a personal assistant akin to Samantha from the movie Her.

A Cloud-based service, Fin has a questionnaire on their landing page which allows the potential client to assess whether the tool would be helpful within the ambit of personal or business tasks the user might need done. Moreover, transparent pricing options make this decision easier once you decide what needs doing, how much can you afford & if the app supports your type of request.

Based on an intuitive messaging system, which claims to learn as it interacts, Fin will book appointments, do Online shopping, conduct Online research or even find a spot in pilates class for you.

By offering a time-line based UI, the product offers to present a user’s most relevant task at the apex. This layout makes managing tasks easier. The Machine Learning aspect, is a calculation aimed at predicting when a regular item on a schedule might be assigned.

Prediction, allocation & assimilation are all tasks a regular executive assistant might achieve. However, with their messaging system which incorporates voice recordings, image sending as well as texting, Fin claims that that their EA will be at least 3 times cheaper than hiring a permanent assistant.

The makers recently launched Notabene, a free messaging app for iOS, designed to send quick notes to an assistant or even to yourself particularly when you’re on the move.

Image Credit: Fin


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Image Credit: Fin

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