Amazon launches marketplace for startups called Launchpad

LaunchpadThe ‘Mother of All Startup Marketplaces ‘ is here. has just launched a platform geared to “selling” all kinds of startups. It’s called Launchpad.

Each featured startup will get a product page where it can upload a product video & information about itself.

Amazon said on its Website that Launchpad would help startups bring their products to customers, which otherwise, can be just as challenging as building it.

Here’s what it said further: At Amazon Launchpad, we’re working with crowdfunding platforms, venture capitalists and startup accelerators to solve the sales and distribution problems every startup faces. We support these young companies with Amazon’s retail expertise so they can stay focused on product innovation, and by working with them closely, we’re able to bring their exciting new products to our customers.

The whole idea behind Amazon Launchpad was to showcase cutting-edge products from startups before millions of Amazon customers. At the startups’ disposal would be Amazon’s powerful marketing tools to build the brand + its world-class retail expertise & global infrastructure to sell & deliver all kinds of product.

For now, though, you need a US number to list your startup with the Amazon Launchpad, clearly narrowing the marketplace to US based startups.

The listed startups will be able to use Content-rich features like video & “About the Startup” Q&A to showcase their product & to connect with customers on a personal level.

Amazon has claimed listing your startup, however small it was, would help “boost your Content with the same Amazon tools that power the big players.” Once your product was in its system & ready for launch, Launchpad would help it “get seen in the right places”, including placements across, the program storefront & inclusion in the Amazon Vine customer reviews program. So startups will no longer have to bother about building marketing plans of their own or figure out the tools.

Initially, Amazon will be working with startups funded by crowdfunding platforms, venture capital firms & other startup accelerators. But if your startup was supported by a company that was currently outside of this network, Amazon would evaluate your application on a case-by-case basis. To maintain the best customer experience, all products need to be either ready to ship now, or available within 90 days. The best part – there’s no fee to be listed, only commission to be paid on sale.

If a product was eligible for export, Amazon said it would make it available to Amazon customers in over 80 countries right from When a startup was ready to establish international distribution, Amazon said it would help launch your product in over 10 Amazon marketplaces around the world. As in the U.S., startups will be supported with custom marketing assets in the local language for the best possible results.

Wonder how all this will affect similar startup showcase platforms like Product Hunt?

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