‘Algorithm Visualizer’ is eye-catching way to visualize complexities of algorithms

‘Algorithm Visualizer’ is an educational or reference tool for the developer that steps in to help you by not only providing the typical description & useful applications for a bunch of the most commonly used algorithms, but also by showing you visually how they work by means of examples.

If you’re a software engineer or simply have some experience doing coding, you know that understanding & applying the right algorithm to solve a particular problem can be a daunting & complex process. One of the 1st steps would ideally be visualizing how an algorithm actually works, & this can be irksome since you need to wade through wordy, confusing descriptions, combined with math formulas & pseudo code.

With Algorithm Visualizer the data structure referenced by the algorithm is drawn on a pane & when you click on run, you step through all of the algorithm’s steps, showing step-by step results & your position on the graph or sort set.

At the same time, in 2 other panes, you can visualize the appropriate code for each algorithm that is implemented. 1 pane shows the example data & the other the actual documented code. You can even pause the execution or step backwards or forwards through the execution.

Currently, the implemented algorithms are:

  • Graph Search: DFS, BFS, Dijskstra, Bellman-Ford, Floyd-Warshall, Topological-Sort
  • Search: Binary Search
  • Sorting: Insertion Sort, Selection Sort, Bubble Sort, Quicksort, Mergesort, Heap Sort
  • Uncategorized: Dynamic Programming, Scratch Paper

The app is free & is being developed by Granbury, Texas-USA-based freelancer Jason Park. The latter, who was born in Korea, is a young, award winning programmer with ample experience in Java & web programming. The app can be run locally & was developed using JavaScript, with Jquery, Ajax/Ace, Sigmajs & Font Awesome, the Iconic Font & CSS Toolkit & is hosted on GitHub.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. – 
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