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Start, hibernate, resume

By: Ask Bob, Nov 17, 2010
What's new on the Internet today? Our webspiders have come across this website that offers a software that enables you to stop and save whatever task you have been doing on your computer and then, resume doing the same on another computer. Called Hibernater, this is not to be confused with virtual storage space that other companies offer.
Hibernater is a software that allows you to pause whatever task you have been doing on your PC, then resume it from any other computer. Essentially, it is a software that needs to be downloaded but not installed. Once you download it, you can press a button and "hibernate" any of the work you are currently on. You can then go to another computer, download the software, press the "resume" button and re-start the work you had paused on the 1st computer. Which means you can pause that important presentation you have been making for your office, and go to your office and resume work on it, without any disruption.
       What does it allow a user to do (according to its designers)
           Save task on one computer and re-start it on another
            Save the documents and web addresses you are working on, to the server and have them launched automatically from another computer
             Keep track of your web surfing history anywhere. So any computer you use will have the history
            Access your favourite sites anywhere, anytime
             Store your documents or files and access it anywhere
       There is a 256 bit encryption to ensure the connection & the data remains secure online.
       The downside is at the present moment, Hibernater supports only the following documents:
       Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
       Internet Explorer 6,7,8 and Firefox 2,3
       Open Office Writer, Calc, OpenOffice Impress (2.4)
       Adobe Reader
-    MSN Live Messenger
Hibernater negates the need to transfer your documents via e-mail or store them online or transfer them using a portable device such as a CD or pen drive.
Launched sometime in late 2008, Hibernater is free to use for limited capacity. The software has been developed by Chua Khim Teck and Hoon Thien Rong, who operate from Singapore.

Make your website the Edicy way
By: Ask Bob, Nov 7, 2010
Our webspiders (human editors) have come across this relatively new web service that helps newcomers, individuals & professionals who have absolutely no technical knowledge, to create their own websites for free. Well, atleast the basic version is free. Called Edicy, the service is provided by a firm based in Estonia. 
The 1st private beta of its easy-to-use editor was launched in early 2008.Since then, Edicy has undergone many transformations. The latest redesigned Edicy 2.0 is almost ready and about to be launched, though the exact date has not been posted. To put it simply, Edicy allows individuals and organisations to make a website for free (basic version). There are several such services out there on the Net, one among them being RV SiteBuilder, which has hundreds of templates to choose from, for your website.
Edicy, too, is a web editor, with add-ons, i.e. how to go about things once your website is up and running. It is for those who have no programming knowledge, and allows them to make a website with individual unique web address. Edicy has fully customizable templates and cross browser compatibility. Further, Edicy is not hosted on a single server but on a server Cloud.
The add-ons that those at Edicy offers as explained through its blog are: ability to create multi-lingual websites, Google friendly services like improving your Google Rank & How to add your website to Google Search, and website building in the Cloud.
Like we said, the basic version of Edicy is free but if your need is larger, there is a full service for US$9 per month.

How to generate online sticky notes
By: Ask Bob, Nov 1, 2010
Our search for Startups brought us to the doorstep of this particular software company whose program can be a boon to those amongst you who are either very busy or forgetful. Called GumNotes, this Startup launched recently, is essentially an online version of a 'Real World' application. 
GumNotes is the online avataar of the yellow tags or 'sticky notes' which most of us have used in the 'Real World'. Just like the yellow tags, you can use GumNotes to "stick" on your text file, or e-mail or even an online picture of graphic. Eg: If you wanna make a note to tell your friend X to forward the file to Mr Y tomorrow, you can "paste" a GumNote on that file to remind you of that task.The next time you upon that file, it will open up along with the GumNote along side, reminding you to ask X to.......  
GumNotes is a product by the German-based Axonic Informationssysteme. GmbH, which is a privately held software vendor focusing on technology concerning information, communication and recognition.  
So, how does GumNotes work? It's like this. You need to initially download/install the software containing GumNotes. That is for free. Once that is done, you can open the GumNote "tray" on one side of your PC screen, write the note that needs to be tagged, and then transfer the GumNote to your Word file or e-mail or whatever. Your note (GumNote, rather) appends itself to a corner of that file. The next time you open it, viola, the file and the GumNote open together.
GumNotes can be used for various reasons, say its designers. The list is given below:
  • Save time to get information
  • Easy to use: Effortlessly capture any information inside desktop sticky notes. It may be to-dos, reminders, appointments or notes.
The makers of GumNotes (beta) are also soliciting feedback from first-time users for the GN version launched on Oct 21, 2010. So, if you do test the service, feel free to post your comments.