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JULY 2010
How long will it to hack your password? Find out
By: Ask Bob                        July 25, 2010 
Occasionally, our webspiders throw up results that, besides telling us of what's new on the internet, are also fun to know. Like this webservice called, 'How Secure is My Password?' Now, what does a service like this achieve? Its objective is just one - to let you know how secure your password is; meaning, how soon can your password be hacked.

How Secure is My Password is very simple to use. Just key in your password; it could be the one you use to access your e-mail or your Facebook account or whatever, and check how long would it take for a computer-based programme to hack it. We tried our hands at it. The answers thrown up ranged from 13 minutes to 30 days, depending on the complexity of the password.

So how does it work? It's designer says simple math. The formula is = number of characters to the power of length of the password divided by calculations per second. Duh? Understood? Well, to be frank, we have not. Anyway, what matters is that clearly, single, stand alone words from the dictionary are a def no no, as they can be easily hacked.
How secure.... is designed by Small Hadron Collider, a one-man web design company based in Sheffield, UK, run by Mark Nicholas Wales. Mark insists that keying in your passwords to check how secure they are will in no way compromise them as he is not storing any of the passwords in any kind of data base that can be misused later.
All things free
By: Ask Bob                                                                         July 25, 2010

 What's new on the Web? Normally, this website takes note of new websites and blogs that deal exclusively with the Internet media. But once in a way, on advise of our webspiders (actually they are humans) we stray into other "territory". Today is one such day when we bring to you a website where everything is available FREE. When you log on to A+freeware.com you will see it for yourself that everything - from software to Editing applications to Management tools - all  of it can be downloaded without you having to pay a single cent. Gotcha?
There are lots of freeware sites available on the Internet. A+Freeware is relatively new, hence it figures on this website. The ‘Categories’ here, too, seem comprehensive – from Audio & Video, Internet, Multi-Media, Business & Finance to Commerce.
An example of what’s available for free download: As of now, A+ has a Backup and Recovery software from Paragon that “protects” your entire PC, Operating System, Drivers and Settings. You can backup all your important files so if your PC crashes, you can restore them using this software. Needless to say, the software is available on this website, free. There are many others like free anti-virus, pop-up blockers and even GiF Animator and WebDesign.


                                                                                          Our View

Name: A+Freeware                                                                                                           25/07/2010
Design - 2/5       Utility - 4/5     Nav - 4/5     Download - 3/5      Content - 4/5          Score - 17/25
This is no tower of Babel
By: Ask Bob                        July 15, 2010
Whats new on the net? Imagine this line being translated into your mother tongue or the language you speak (presuming it is not English).  Launched on July 13 this year, there is now a webservice that can translate an entire website or blog into the language you, the reader, is most comfortable with. You have a choice of 60 languages; its makers claim that you can choose from almost all the world's major languages. Called dakwak , this platform is a plug-n-play. All that website administrators have to do is to paste a few lines of ready-made code on their sites and it is ready to go.Once a webmaster has done his job, there appears a drop-down box on his website. A reader, if not comfortable with the original language of the website, obviously in most cases it is English, can go to the 'Drop Down' menu, click on the language of choice, and hey presto, the entire website translates itself into that particular language right in front of your eyes. What is more, and this will come as a relief to website owners, the translation of static content on your website does not change or affect the design of your website or pages on it, anyway. The translated version looks and feels like the original website, only the language is different. For webmasters there is one more in-built feature that allows them to in-turn allow the programme to automatically detect a reader's preferred language and without even waiting for the reader to press the "Translate" button, automatically changes it to the reader's preferred language. Which means if you have logged in from France, the programme senses that and translates the website into French, without even waiting for any instructions. There is another angle to this platform. The translation is not handled by a computer. Instead, people from the 'Real World' are involved. The platform allows you to assignDakwaktranslators to do the translations. There is a process  wherein the community based translations are voted on by participants and the most voted translation is ultimately chosen.
Our View
Name: Dakwak    
Design - 4/5       Utility - 4/5     Nav - 3/5     Download - 4/5                                  Score - 15/20
By: Ask Bob                        July 9, 2010
With millions of websites out there in cyberspace, obviously, separating the wheat from the chaff becomes an issue. How do you know which are the serious ones, the good ones, from the poor or the non-functioning websites? It can be quite annoying to key in the URL and find a Error 404 page or some error code as such. So, how does a user or for that matter, a website owner, keep track? Or if some one wanted details of a particular website such as its traffic patterns? This is where this web startup Teqpad comes in. It gives you a complete lowdown on any website of your choice.
Teqpad's motto is very clear - to evaluate traffic on every website on the Internet. Launched in June this year, you can key in the URL or the web address of any website you want, and within seconds, it throws up all kinds of info related to that website such as daily page views, daily visitors, backlinks, index and so on. It will even let you know the worth (in US$) of the website, and the revenue it is currently generating. Further, it also gives you the Google rank, Yahoo Index and information from other search engines pertaining to the particular site you are interested in. It even has certain add-on features like 'Today's Pick' where the website of the day is showcased. This web tool uses its own proprietary tool called Calteq V2.0 to give you the results. There are of course other web tools like Teqpad out there (we have reviewed some of them before) that help advertisers, publishers and surfers understand how important a website is.
Check your website's pulse
By: Ask Bob                        July 8, 2010
Hey guys, wanna know what's new on the Internet? Our webspiders had reported in the last fortnight of June of a web startup called Dead Simple Monitor that monitors your website every 5 minutes, and reports to you the minute it is down? Well, today, we bring to you a similar service called100Pulse.com
100pulseis a venture aimed for monitoring websites and servers to check for any outages. Hiox India, a Web Development Company based out of India, started providing this service from mid-2009. According to Rajesh Kumar, the founder & Managing Director of the company, the service is aimed at webmasters who want their website to be up and running always and also to reduce the cost to company for monitoring individual websites.
The way it works is like this: 100pulse.com monitors the customer’s websites for outages based on the protocol http. It keeps a look out for sites suddenly going slow because a lot of business can flee due to poor downloading time. 100pulse.com offers easy to configure screens for the user, to monitor their websites. Apart from web development, the company also offers hosting, domain registration services.
Hioz says it sure beats installing software in a computer to check out website outages. Even the cost for monitoring a website manually or using software is more costly compared to outsourcing to an online website monitoring service. There are two kind of services - one that checks your site’s uptime and downtime every 15 minutes, and another that checks it every 5 minutes. While the first is free, the latter comes for a charge.
Backing up your important files
By: Ask Bob                                                     July 6, 2010
Heard of online storage? No? Think of external hard drives, only, they are resting somewhere on the ether. There are online services that allow you to backup your important files including videos or store them. What's the difference? There is a thin line dividing these 2 services. Storage is like archiving while backup is to keep files on such online disks so that you or any body you give access to can download them at will, from any computer or device, irrespective of their geographical location. So, what's new on the internet? Our webspiders came across LiveDrive, an online backup service.
LiveDrive, started some time in September 2009, gives you unlimited online space to store all, yes, all your files. Like your C drive or A drive, this one is called L Drive. The difference is that instead of storing your stuff in your own PC, it saves it online. No need to go out and buy a physical, external hard drive. So, any time your file is corrupted or your PC crashes, you can simply log in to your L drive on LiveDrive and get access to that particular file or all your data. You can even tune in your multiple PCs to one common L drive.
But all this comes for a price. These guys have monthly packages starting at just above US$6 a month and going up, depending on your needs. If you don't wanna pay, let us tell our readers that there are similar services available where the basic package is free, like idrive that gives you 2GB worth of online space free. But everything depends on your particular needs, based on which you can choose your package.
Get yourself a virtual desktop
By: Ask Bob                                                     July 4, 2010
This web startup really got our webspiders wondering why nobody had ever thought of it before. Before you may ask us whats new on the Web today, let us quickly tell you about what our webspiders found this time. All of you are familiar with the word Desktop, right? It is the set of icons that you have on your personal computer. Now, try and imagine having an online desktop? Yes, some bright sparks have thought up of this rather simple yet highly functional idea to make everyone's websurfing experience better. Called favetop, this service allows you to line up the logos of all your fav websites for quick access to them, without having to key in the url every time.
Simple and of high utilitarian value, that’s what favetop is about (just like this website). Its designers based in California (though the exact details are not given) call the service, “making your own Internet desktop”. Here’s how you go about it getting one for yourself: Go to http://www.favetop.com, save the icons of all your favorite websites and you have your own virtual desktop. Now, every time you wanna go to say a hotmail or a google or any other website, there is no need to key in the entire url. Just click on the respective logo and get going. The service is free but requires you to register and subsequently log-in. It is also advisable to make it your Home Page. The site was launched in May and obviously is in the beta stage. There are other add-ons, too. You can save your online data, there is a search engine, you can even save your videos and photos.
                                                                                      Our View
Name: favetop   
Design - 4/5       Utility - 3/5     Nav - 3/5     Download - 4/5                                   Score - 14/20
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