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MAY 2010

The short and long of it
By: Ask Bob                                                                                    May 30, 2010
If our readers remember, in March, we had talked about URL shortening services. These are the guys who take a URL and turn it into a few digits and letters. Now, our webspiders have come across a service that does just the opposite - knowurl takes shortened URLs and converts them into their original form. has been launched recently and so, obviously is in Beta stage. Part of the TechBusy Media group, its purpose is simple. There is a Search engine type of a bar on top of the home page where one can type in any shortened URL and presto, out comes the original one. The service is also available for mobile phones. There is a blog that allows readers to follow what's happening on this site. But since this is really a brand new service, not much has happened here since its launch.
Here's how to design a webpage without getting a headache
 By: Ask Bob                                                                                    May 27, 2010

Most of you out there who have ever designed a website or a blog even using ready templates or software such as WordPress will testify to how it is tough going almost all the time. So imagine making a temporary webpage without the bother. This is what PageEasy is all about. The people behind PageEasy (identity not clear, there is a Post Box number in California, USA) say its takes about a minute to make a page this way. One can create unlimited temporary web pages or even permanent ones. The service is free, all that one has to do is to sign up. If you update your page at least once a year, it will never expire. If you do not, it will expire on the 366th day. There are other sections like making a complete web design and registering a domain. Using this site you can very easily, without any fuss, host a video or static picture online, without needing a programmer. Thus, designing such temporary pages without a single of coding can be useful for you to transmit things or video online instead of an e-mail.
Our View

Name: PageEasy  
Design - 2/5       Utility - 2/5     Nav - 2/5     Download - 2/5                                      Score - 8/20
Yo! Keep chatting
By: Ask Bob                                                                                    May 20, 2010
Some surfers are of the opinion that the explosion of the Internet combined with an increase in mobile phone applications and use has made chat sites redundant. We would like to initiate a debate among our users here - one way of the other, please upload your comments here. But this particular story is not only about that. Our webspiders came across Nurph, an application that allows a surfer as well as a webpublisher to instantly create a chat room on any website or blog.
For a webpublisher, it is very easy to add Nur.phto one's website or blog, and for a surfer to use Nur.ph. The latter can simply go to the site, enter the URL of the website he/she wants the chat room to be "superimposed" on, and click 'Go'. Nur.ph opens up the concerned website/blog, puts up an overlaying chatroom, and yo, you can start chatting. And, it is not every time that you need to go to the Nur.ph website. You can add a link to Nur.ph to your browser's bookmark and lo, you are set.
There is a flipside though. Nur.ph recognises a Twitter account only for identification purposes, so well, if you are not on Twitter yet, well, you can't use this.

Air your comments
By: Ask Bob                                                                                May 16, 2010
Hey guys, some time ago, we had featured a webtool called webklipper. Webklipper(klip as in a paperclip), as we had mentioned, is an online tool that allows surfers to mark out any content on any webpage, add his/her comments to it, and then send it off to friends/colleagues.Now, our web spiders have thrown up a similar website called www.layerpad.com Layerpad allows users to comment, review and bookmark other websites using what it calls,a "floating layer". Layer is a website from Avascope Pty Ltd, a startup company based in Australia. In its beta stage, the aim of this website is to create a chain of users who review/share their opinions on a website or blog, thus creating a web community. Although free for now, first-time users have to register. Once that is done, a user can type in the URL of the site he wants to comment on, click on the button, and a layer (yellow box) appears in which he/she can type in the remarks.
The website is also a topic search engine as well as other add-ons like a 'Fun things to do' section. Still in its 'baby' state, the website owners have solicited comments from users to make it a better site.
A similar site is webklipper.comwhich we had featured some days ago.
Our View
Name: Layerpad 
Design - 2/5       Utility - 2/5     Nav - 3/5     Download - 4/5                                        Score -11/20

This portal is all game (s)
Hey, you online gamers. We came across this treasure-trove of online games on a site called Blue Wolf Games. Barely a year old,this game portal gives its players access to some of the most popular flash games on the Internet. These guys have a huge, and we mean that, HUGE selection of games, across all categories, and what's more, they keep adding more every passing day. The identity of the portal owners is not really clear but what the heck, who cares? Click here http://www.bluewolfgames.com
Wanna try some online gambling?
By: Ask Bob                                                                                                                  May 5, 2010
The urge to gamble is an inherent part of all our characters. The difference is, some of us successfully curb this instinct while others give in. The latter turn into compulsive gamblers......hey, wait a minute, why are we giving you this sermon? Well, because of what our webspiders threw up in their search for new sites.

We came across this real "prize-winning" webtool - Win.ly, a "unique rating engine" that determines which sweepstakes, online games, and contests have the highest chances of winning. It is not only a tool to win more prizes, says its creator, but also a tool to save time while you play the high stakes. To put it a single sentence - it is a smarter way of winning prizes online! This particular tool is based on a simple logic; that it makes sense to play online games with the best chance of giving prizes, and that it's a waste of time to play games that have astronomically bad odds of winning.  Win.ly also promises to unearth a highly rated game or two that you didn't know of from your other directories. So Win.ly allows you to play instant win games and sweepstakes in a smarter way, allowing you to win but using only a fraction of the time you would have otherwise required to play online gambling games, solo. The maker of the Win.ly tool also promises to make it easy for you to track when you last played an instant win and make sure you hit it every day.  It also makes it easy to flag a set of games as your 'favorites', and make sure you play them as often as the rules allow. There are two services being provided - free and a premium one which requires a log-in along with other details.

The initial idea for
Win.ly says its founder, came several years ago when he happened to win an instant game. For those of you who wanna follow the developments on win.ly. feel free to follow it on this blog - http://blog.win.ly/

So remember, if you become a millionaire some day using this tool, you read of it here, first.
Our View
Name: Win.ly                                                                                                   
Design - 3/5       Utility - 2/5     Nav - 2/5     Download - 3/5                                               Score - 10/20
Simple is best


By: Ask Bob                                                                                                                                        May 4, 2010
Some times we are stuck with the simplicity of an idea. The brilliance of a simple mind is one of the parameters against which we judge some of the start-ups that hit the Internet. So when our webspiders came across Webklipper, the simplicity of the idea just blew us away. 
Webklipper (klip as in a paperclip) is an online tool that allows surfers to mark out any content on any webpage, add his/her comments to it, and then send it off to friends/colleagues. Simple, but oh so clever, isn't it? Now, how does it work? Well, any website or webpage that you have liked and want your friends to read too, can be accessed by going to the Webklipper site. All that one needs to do then is enter that particular website's URL. Webklipper then opens a dialogue box and guides you through the process. You can select the portion you want to highlight on the webpage, add your comments, click on the 'Share' button, and off it goes to your designated friends. In turn, they can add their own comments and send it all around once again, kind of having an online dialogue. There are additional features - you can access our previous klips, create your own, new klips on random thoughts and even add comments to any page without having to constantly log on to Webklipper website.


Our View

 Name: Webklipper                                                                                         
Design - 3/5       Utility - 3/5     Nav - 3/5     Download - 3/5                                       Score - 12/20
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