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Facebook's bugs bounty program

31/07 (1726 hrs IST): Social Site Facebook has launched a "bug bounty" program. Under this, researchers who find bugs & other vulnerabilities in Facebook will get paid US $500 per error. Before that, they must report the same to the company to be fixed & wait for a reasonable time before making the info public.
To catch up on the details of the Security Bug Bounty Program, click here 

Gmail's new verification process

29/07 (2030 hrs IST): Google said on Thursday that it had rolled out its 2-step authentication sign-in system to 40 languages across over 150 countries. This will make it more difficult for hackers to break into Google accounts, has been available since February as an optional service but only in English. The verification system combines password-based authentication with a verification code.  Read about the process by clicking here

Facebook, the most typed URL?

28/07 (0726 hrs IST): Facebook.com seems to be the most popular typed URL, according to data collected & analyzed by well-known software engineer Chris Finke (of AOL fame). Chris added a new feature to his browser add-on called URL Fixer, to find out which are the oft-typed URLs.

Finke's analysis of over 7.5 million URL bar inputs revealed that Facebook.com was by far the most typed address, three times more popular than the No:2 address, Google.com. Of course, as Chris himself warns, the study does not include bookmarked links & or links on websites. Also, going by websites that professionally monitor such movement, Google is still the No: 1 destination.

CityVille soon in China, to be called Zynga City 

26/07 (0854 hrs IST): A report by Business Insider says Social Gaming portal Zynga has teamed up with giant Chinese Web company Tencent to soon launch a version of CityVille for China. The game will be called Zynga City. It is being developed by Zynga's Beijing office, which it set up after buying Chinese game company, XPD

Initially, the game will be distributed through Tencent's Pengyou, a Social Networking platform that was launched last year. It has over 100 million active accounts, said the report.

StumbleUpon testing feature

25/07 (0637 hrs IST): StumbleUpon is testing a new feature that seems to be aimed at helping them Search & find interesting web pages. StumbleUpon calls it Explore Box. Right now, the feature is available only for some users. It is similar to the search/explore box that can be enabled on the StumbleUpon toolbar, with one difference - the Explore search box shows suggested topics as you type while the toolbar search shows previous tags that you’ve used when stumbling.

There’s also a feedback link for beta participants to offer feedback.

Most number of unique visitors to Google+ are from US, India

23/07 (0747 hrs IST): Guess who is at the number 2 position on the Social Networking Site Google+ unique visitors' list, worldwide? It is India, says a study by comScore. The report says Google+ is off to a big start, with almost 20 million unique visitors in its 21 days of existence.

Of these, 5.3 million users are from the U.S. India comes second with 2.8 million unique visitors, almost half as many as the U.S. All other countries are way down the list with less than a million. Incidentally, India also is big on rival Social site Facebook, with 31 million registered users. Readers please note that comScore is talking here of "unique visitors" & not "registered users".

New incubator prog for Gamers

21/07 (1325 hrs IST): Social Games company CrowdStar & Start-up incubator YouWeb have created a US $10 million investment fund called StarFund to “help spur the next generation of mobile social gaming innovation.”  A report by Mobile Apps Briefing has said Game developers can apply through CrowdStar to receive up to US $250,000 in funding to develop their mobile  games. On completion, CrowdStar will also offer marketing & analytics resources to selected candidates. Developers may also gain assistance in entering global markets through CrowdStar’s partnerships in Asia and Europe.
Here's the rest of the story: http://www.mobilebusinessbriefing.com/apps/article/crowdstar-and-youweb-create-us-10m-mobile-fund

No more password fears

20/07 (1625 hrs IST): The guys at Mozilla Labs have come up with something truly "revolutionary". It has developed BrowserID, a system that might make passwords a thing of the past. Log in to the BrowserID service, and you're automatically granted access to all your password-protected websites.
As a user of BrowserID, you confirm your email addresses once. Then, you can sign into any web site that supports BrowserID with just two clicks. 

Google+Facebook = Zynga?

19/07 (1825 hrs IST): Surprise, surprise. Guess what folks, it has been found out that arch rivals on the Net, Google & Facebook do have something in common. And it is not Google+. It is Social Gaming Site Zynga!
According to a series of reports in Business Insider, Google Inc has invested heavily in Zynga, while on the other hand, Facebook "controls" the Gaming site much more than it was originally thought. All this apparently became public after Zynga filed amended documents for its forthcoming IPO. So, now the fun begins.
Here's the report by Business Insider. 

China's Internet growth slows down yet numbers are impressive

19/07 (1813 hrs IST): Digital Trends has reported that in the first half of 2011, China has added 27.7 million Internet users, taking the total to  485 million users out of the total population of 1.3 billion. The report said although the growth seems "impressive",  it had slowed down as compared to previous years.

For the January-June period this year, growth was 6.1 5%, less than the 9.4 % growth last year & far less than the Chinese Internet population increase of 20.5 % in 2008, the same year China’s total Internet population surpassed the United States’.

Is Microsoft developing a Social Networking Site?

16/07 (0955 hrs IST): Okay Microsoft, now we all know now. The software giant seems to be secretly working on a social/design project called Tulalip, according to details from a splash page that was accidentally published to Socl.com recently. As of Thursday, Microsoft had taken down the splash page & replaced it with a message acknowledging the project.

Online analysts believe that Tulalip is not just an “internal design project”. The splash page described the Tulalip service as a way for users to “find what you need and share what you know easier than ever”. There are options to connect the service with both Facebook & Twitter.

Also, the splash page’s domain name is shorthand for “Social”.

Google+ already has 10 million users

15/07 (1531 hrs IST): Google chief Larry Page has said that Google + Social Network already has more than 10 million members. "Over 10 million people have joined Google +," Page said during a quarterly earnings conference call. "That is a great achievement for the team." He added that more than a billion items are shared daily at Google +.

Google had launched its rival to Facebook on June 28, with membership limited to invitation-only.

Google co quietly launches a photo Social site

13/07 (1531 hrs IST): Heard of Photovine? No? How could you? This photo sharing Social Network has just been launched. It would have been treated like any other Startup but for one fact - Photovine is from the house of Google. Yup, you heard it right. Photovine is a product of Slide, which belongs to Google Inc. It has had a quiet debut on the Internet yesterday, even as the Online Community weighs the pros & cos of the "other" Social Networking Site by Google called....Google +.  The front page says, “Photovine is a fun way to learn more about your friends, meet new people & share your world like never before.”
Like Google +, not everybody can get into Photovision. You need an invite first. Of course, you can check out a short video to understand what the site is all about.  So, can users expect cross-pollination between Google + & Photovine?

Twitter crosses the 1 million App mark

12/07 (1500 hrs IST): Twitter has announced on its blog that it has 1 million registered applications, built by more than 750,000 developers around the world. This is up from 150,000 apps just a year ago.  A new app is registered every 1.5 seconds, fueling a spike in ecosystem growth in the areas of analytics, curation and publisher tools.

Read the rest of the post by clicking here

 Picture Search Engine has a new Alpha version

11/07 (1324 hrs IST): Macroglossa, a picture Search Engine launched some time ago, has upgraded itself to Alpha version 4.0.  Macroglossa works on the comparison of images. All you need to do to get more information about your picture is to upload the image file to Macroglossa & begin the Search. Here are the new features of the new version:
) A new search category: Botanical

2) Video frame mode search

3) Image reverse geo-tag

4) Camera model results filter

5) Faster Core processes

6) Available Safari web browser extension

7) Improved Mobile apps (IOS and Android based )
For those of you who wanna know more,  click here.

The Long & Short of it

09/07 (1031 hrs IST): Did any one of you know that you could post beyond the stipulated 140 characters on Twitter? To be honest, we didn't. Till we read this blogpost by Twitter posted on July 8, 2011, that informed us that we could. And, that this has been possible since 2009.  The post promotes #longreads, a hash tag that provides more in-depth content, beyond the mandatory 140 characters. By Searching #longreads, users can find tweeted suggestions of long articles and short stories by "studious fans of great journalism & long form writing.

YouTube needs your help

08/07 (1123 hrs IST): The Cosmic Panda wants you. With nearly 8 years of video uploaded & 3 billion views logged every day on YouTube, it’s clear that the medium has spread like wildfire. Now, the team at YouTube is once again tweaking & experimenting with a design change to help users watch the videos better.  As part of this experiment called Cosmic Panda, YouTube has invited members of the Online community to to participate in the experiment & go for a test drive. For that, you need to click on http://www.youtube.com/cosmicpanda & click the Try it out! button.

Here's the new Gmail

07/07 (1515 hrs IST): Over the coming months, Gmail will undergo a change for a "cleaner, modern" look. We have got a sneak preview of this revamp. Here's it:
* New languages for Gmail on iPhone & Android

Users can point their phone's browser to Gmail & get it in 44 languages, complete with label support, an outbox for messages composed while offline, the ability to mute messages, and more.

* Get through emails faster with 'Priority Inbox'

This feature automatically identifies your important messages and separates them out from everything else, so you can focus on what really matters.
* Make phone calls from Gmail

Call any phone in the US & Canada for free and at insanely low rates internationally — right from inside Gmail.  This feature is only available in the US for now.

* A new look for Gmail & updates to Contacts

Using Contacts & Tasks has been made more easier. Once in Contacts, you can now sort by last name and add custom labels for phone numbers and other fields — two top requested features.

* Google Buzz in Gmail
Share updates, photos, videos & more right inside of Gmail.

Besides these new features, the re-worked Gmail is expected to be more secure. HTTPS encryption will keep your mail secure as it travels between your web browser & Gmail servers, so someone sharing your favorite coffee shop's public wifi can't maliciously read it. Banks and credit card companies use this same protocol to keep your online accounts safe.


Facebook's "awesome"announcement: Integration with Skype to give video chat

07/07 (0625 hrs IST): Social Site Facebook's awesome announcement was unveiled on "predictable" lines - it turned out to be a video chat with Skype. The Social Networking giant announced that the video chat feature means you can now see your Facebook friends' faces in real-time. Mark Zuckerberg announced at a press conference at the Seattle office on how mixing Facebook's social infrastructure with new Apps like video chats will create "new scenarios" for users. He said 4 billion things are shared every day, & the video chat would help do just that.
Here are some "views" of what the Online World is saying about the integration:




Twitter's valuation doubles in 7 months

06/07 (0521 hrs IST): Microblog Twitter’s valuation has almost doubled in the last 7 months, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ). The Journal said Twitter was "busy raising hundreds of millions of dollars, at a valuation as high as $7 billion." In December, the same company was valued at just $3.7 billion in a $200 million round of funding led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

The increase in valuation is because: Twitter introduced promoted tweets & trends last year, which proved to be the company’s first notable revenue source. Recently, eMarketer predicted that Twitter would triple its advertising revenue to US $150 million in 2011.

Friendster turns into a Social Gaming Portal

04/07 (0521 hrs IST): In today's season of make-overs, one more site has undergone a transformation. Social Networking site of yesteryears, Friendster, has re-invented itself as a Social Gaming portal. Apparently, Friendster's CEO sent a "personal message" to the network's members with the news that the site was relaunching itself with the motto - Living the Game. Friendster is in a unique position to take advantage on the growth of Social Gaming," wrote CEO Ganesh Kumar Bangah, who is also the head of MOL Global, which bought Friendster Inc. in 2009. "Through its relationship with MOL, which has a 10-year history in working with gaming companies, Friendster has both the experience and track record to make innovations in this space."
So, if you are into Gaming, Friendster could be the next pit stop for you.

Go Daddy sold

02/07 (0921 hrs IST): The Go Daddy Group, registrar of Internet addresses said Friday that it would sell itself to a group led by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Silver Lake. Online reports said while the company did not disclose the financial terms of the deal, the buyers are paying about $2.25 billion, according to people briefed on the matter. In Go Daddy, the investor group - which also includes Technology Crossover Ventures as a minority partner - will buy the biggest domain name registrar in the world. The company manages more than 48 million domain names and has nearly 9.4 million customers.

Chrome grows globally

01/07 (1800 hrs IST): Google's Chrome exceeded 20% of the worldwide Internet Browser market during June for the first time, according to StatCounter, the free website analytics company. The firm's research arm StatCounter Global Stats reports that Chrome took 20.7% of the global market, up from 2.8% in June 2009. In the same period Microsoft's Internet Explorer had fallen from 59% to 44% globally and Firefox dropped slightly from 30% to 28%.

"It is a superb achievement by Google to go from under 3% two years ago to over 20% today," commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter. "While Google has been highly effective in getting Chrome downloaded the real test is actual browser usage which our stats measure."

In the US, Chrome has risen to 16% behind market leader IE on 46.5% & Firefox on 24.7%. In the UK, Chrome at 21.1% is now neck and neck with Firefox on 21.7%.

Facebook's coming out with something new next week

01/07 (0625 hrs IST): Facebook has promised "exciting' action next week. Mark Zuckerberg has told some reporters that Facebook was gonna launch something "awesome". This is being developed at Facebook's Seattle office. Obviously, the entire Online World is agog - so what's it gonna be? Google, better watch out.