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Junar launches easy-to-use data platform

30/05 (0940 hrs IST): Junar, the Open Data platform for Data Economy, today unveiled the Junar Open Data Platform, a next generation data management system. Its Cloud-based platform enables businesses, governments & other organizations to take the complexity & guesswork out of having to develop their own proprietary open data software and makes it easy to unlock the hidden value of Big Data, according to a company press release. The company also announced over 200 organizations had participated in its early access program and it has raised initial funding of US$1.2 million.
Incidentally, Junar, last year had been named as The Most Useful Startup of the Month for March 2011 by this Website.

Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, the data management system enables organizations to organize & present data that they want to share. The platform provides a simple workflow that allows users to streamline entire Open Data projects. From extracting datasets to building graphical views to managing data publishing, Junar ensures that data assets are always fresh, relevant & Social. And while some datasets are best shared, Junar claims it makes it easy to control which datasets are made available to the public and which datasets are assigned only for internal users.
The Junar Open Data Platform only takes a few minutes to deploy, requires no complex software or costly servers, and empowers organizations to custom brand and integrate their data into their own Web sites or have it hosted.

"Open Data is fast becoming the next defining theme for business and government because information drives innovation and collaboration," said Diego May, CEO and co-founder of Junar. "And Junar is already the engine for hundreds of organizations who are opening data and for millions of end users who use that information today. As we rapidly move to a society dominated by information and services, Junar is busy powering that transformation and the Data Economy." 

"We wanted to generate and open data and easily integrate it into our site for public sharing and consumption," said Momi Peralta Ramos, Multimedia Development Manager at La Nación, the second largest newspaper in Argentina. “We looked at our in-house capabilities and determined that we did not want to burden IT or pay for the infrastructure to get going. With Junar it was a no-brainer, and we were up and running in days instead of months. Over nine million monthly users from Lanacion.com have already benefited from our data and we are just getting started."

Junar also announced that it's US $1.2 million in initial funding comes from with Aurus, Austral Capital and top angel investors in Latin America & the US investing.
The Junar Open Data Platform is available immediately. To activate a Free trial account, go to http://www.junar.com

2 products from Google - a laptop, a desktop...& a refurbished Chrome

30/05 (0648 hrs IST): Search Engine Google Inc has just launched the Chromebox, it's 1st ever desktop PC.

It comes with the recently revised version of its Chrome Operating System (OS) on 2 devices - built by Samsung. One is a laptop, the Chromebook, the other is the Chromebox.

The Chromebox can be plugged into a monitor & keyboard & used to access applications stored elsewhere. Chromebox's Browser allows users to access Apps hosted on the Internet, such as Google Apps.

But remember, it may be a "mobile" desktop but it is not really a mobile device, its not a laptop.

An entry-level Chromebox will start at US $329. As of now, Chrome devices are available only in select cities. 

Facebook launches Promoted Posts for FB Pages

26/05 (0820 hrs IST): Social network Facebook is rolling out an advertising medium called Facebook Promoted Posts for Facebook pages, read brands. You can now promote your status updates to your fans, forcing them to see it in their news feeds.

Facebook works with an algorithm called Edgerank, which determines who sees status updates from Facebook pages. This is normally limited to only some of your fans. But with promoting posts, you can now bet on now on the fact that all your fans can see your updates.

Some say this is taking marketing on Facebook to the next level. This feature is not active on all Facebook pages though & is still in the roll out stage. For those of you who have already got this feature, you will now see a new Promote button below the empty status update window.

After clicking on it & confirming the process with the ok button, you will be taken to a new interface for promoted posts. Then depending on how many likes your page has, you get incremental pay options.

After posting a promoted post, Facebook will also show you how many people have seen it.

Yahoo! launches Axis

24/05 (0839 hrs IST): After the controversy surrounding its former CEO, Yahoo! has decided to gets its act together (at least some of it).
The troubled Internet company has launched a tool called Axis that alters Browsers made by other companies so Search results are displayed in a more "visual" manner.
Check out the video below:
Essentially, it is a Browser within a Browser. You can download it on your PC or your iPad or iPhone. Then, you key in the URL of the Site you wanna browser & Axis immediately takes over & starts throwing up the Site in a more visual manner. 
We can say its been a while since Yahoo! came out with a product. Now its upto users to decide the fate of Axis.

Google's Business Photos takes off in India

23/05 (1519 hrs IST): Search Major Google Inc has launched its Business Photos service in India.

Starting from the Indian city of Hyderabad, the pilot program will see Google photographers take 360 degree photos of businesses’ premises, which will then be uploaded to Google Places to give prospective customers an inside look of the shop or business establishment.

A Blog post by Rahul Kulkarni, Sr Product Manager, said, "We are now excited to bring this pilot program to India, starting with Hyderabad and rolling out to several other cities. The photographs are shot by Google appointed photographers who work directly with the business owner to arrange a time to do the photo shoot. The images will show prospective customers the interiors, decor, merchandise — and all of this will be done at no cost to the business owner. The panoramic photos will appear alongside other still photos on a business’ Place Page and can help potential customers get a better sense of what an establishment has to offer and if they’d like to visit it in person."

Those of you in India who would like your businesses to be considered for a visit from Google’s photographers, you can learn more and express your interest by filling out this form.

 ooVoo Apps upgraded

22/05 (1909 hrs IST): One of the "hottest" video chat client these days seems to be ooVoo. Available for  Windows, Mac OS X, iOS & Android.

Many tout it to be Skype's rival. You can interact with friends in multiple locations in HD for Free, though there are Paid premium versions, too.
ooVoo today announced a significant upgrade to its free, Social video-chat service, including a new 12-way video Facebook Application & category-defining iPad App with four simultaneous high-quality video streams.
A statement put out by the company Chief Executive Officer Yuval Baharav, said, "Today's product announcement is a major milestone for ooVoo and our users. ooVoo's community is over 46 million strong and our average user spends significant time engaging in fun and interesting activities including watching TV, playing music and games, doing homework and just being together. This release was driven by our daily interactions with our users, and by our vision of an open communications platform that seamlessly becomes part of our users' social lives."

Kinect can now read your face

22/05 (0348 hrs IST): The world of Gaming is getting icreasingly sophisticated. Microsoft's newest software for Kinect now can read not only a player's body movement but also his facial gestures.

A Blog post by Microsoft said the newly released software development kit for Kinect is one that lets programmers write Kinect Applications for Windows 7 & 8 versions.

The latest version of the Kinect SDK  "makes it possible to fit a 3D mesh to users’ faces and track their facial features and head position in real time," describes the Blog. Obviously this means that if your face shows disgust, your avatar on the screen, too, will exhibit the same facial features.

India's Internet speeds the slowest in Asia

21/05 (1743 hrs IST): A report on the State of the Internet by Akami has said though India is known as the 11th largest economical country & has the 2nd highest mobile service users in the world, the Internet speed in India is rather poor. India, according to the report, is the only country in Asia which has internet speed less than 1Mbps & only 1% of broadband adaptation rate.

Among the top 10 Asian countries, Taiwan has the highest average internet speed up to 17.5 Mbps, while Japan & Korea has the average internet speed of 10 Mbps. The highest internet speed in India is 5.2 Mbps, where in countries like Japan, Singapore, and Korea it is 36.3 Mbps.

India generates more traffic (9th in the world and 5th in Asia) on the Internet with more than 100 million internet users.

The report said the launch of the 4G Network will definitely increase the speed of the Internet in India. Bangalore and Kolkatta have already implemented 4G services and, as estimated, it is going to move on to the other big cities.

From a campus project to a Social Network - Microsoft's Socl

21/05 (0217 hrs IST): At 1st glance, the latest kid on the Social Networking bloc, Socl, by Microsoft, seems to be geared in peddling its Bing Search Engine. There's a Bing Search bar on top of the member's Page & oh, by the way, everything that you Search via this task bar, is well...public. It shows up on the Universal Feed, which every member can see. So, be careful what you Search for to begin with...wink, wink. And you can add your own comments to whatever you have Searched for & Feed it.
There's a separate Feed-Conversations, which we presume is a more one-to-one kind of a session between members.
You have the option of posting to Everyone, Following or to Conversation. Every Post has options to Comment, Share, Tag & Riff. The latter, we still have not understood, the 'Help' section, too, was not too helpful. In fact, the Help section needs immediate beefing up. There is a Smilie, too, which is like the FB 'Like' button but the gif is a litte weak, we feel.
Members can 'Follow' pre-loaded Interests like Sports, Travel, etc. Each of these Interests have a certain number of Followers & you can elect to join some or all of them, thus sharing Interests.
Members can start a Video Party  where like-minded members can watch uploaded videos together & of course chat with each other simultaneously.
You can update your Profile & invite friends to join you on Socl by email.
Mind you, the above are 1st impressions based on our Admin's use of Socl. We used Firefox Mozilla but there were a lot of initial glitches such as Followers numbers not been updated, or posts not showing up immediately & so on. It somehow gave us the picture that maybe not even preparation was made before going into Beta. 
We wonder why because it was in December 2011 that Microsoft Research had announced the setting up of Socl. Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs had launched the Site designed to give students the ability to network with peers, share useful information quickly & build their own pages that collect information from both inside and outside the classroom—in a sense, transforming the Web & Social Networks into the new classroom.
The experimental project was made available to students in information & design schools at the University of Washington, Syracuse University & New York University, & later others were added.

So.cl was designed for students studying Social Media to extend their educational experience & rethink how they learn & communicate. 
We wonder if all the stated goals were achieved before Microsoft decided to go ahead with the Beta launch, as there's no word on that yet.

Microsoft launches Social Networking Site called Socl

21/05 (0130 hrs IST): This has caught almost everyone Online unaware. Software giant Microsoft has just launched a Social Networking Site called Social, but with the doman name as So.cl.
To begin with, this Social Site allows log in either through another Social Site, Facebook or through a Windows Live account. The site shows friends' interests & Searches & of course the mandatory public Feed. 

First impressions - it is a mix of all Sites. Like micro-blog Twitter, you can choose to "follow" people, or choose to follow specific categories.
Socl initially launched at a few college campuses but now is open for everyone as a Beta version.

Soon, all your applicances will be connected to the Internet

17/05 (1418 hrs IST): Experts of the Online world say this device is going to change the way the 'Real World' lives. We may add that when we checked out electric imp we were truly amazed at what is being attempted.
electric imp looks like a tiny SIM card & you can install it in just about any device in your home to connect to the Web. Each card has a built-in Wi-Fi antenna & processor.

The system is fully programmable. While you are on your way home, you can call up your microwave & ask it to heat up that chicken. The oven will in turn text you when its finished doing that.

Manufacturers can also add Imp card slots to their appliances. & the way this is being done, all those applicances that do no have a slot can buy one & install it.

Each card is expected to cost US $25.
electric imp is being developed by a tea of well-known experts led by Hugo Fiennes, the hardware boss behind the first 4 iPhones.

Google's effort to add knowledge to its Search

17/05 (0609 hrs IST): Search Engine Google seems to have really got itself in a lather over the way its Search Engine works.
First, there's the on-going Panda update, a major re-work of its Search algorithms. Now, it has added what it calls as a 'Knowledge Graph' to its Search. So, what exactly is this feature?
The K Graph is a Search database of over 500 million topics, with separate entries for individual topics. In the long run, it may change the quality of Google Search, as it tries to add sense to the Search results thrown up. For long, Google has been all about "mindless" strings been thrown up when a user keys in a Search cue, because of this feature, the Search result may become more relevant in the 1st go.
The Knowledge Graph now has over 3.5 billion facts, which it has gathered based on the most commonly asked queries associated with its topics. If you were to ask us, it is like adding Wikipedia to Google. 
Here's the video for you to check out:

Don't reveal your debit card details

17/05 (0600 hrs IST): Online members beware. There's a new scam that aims to obtain the debit card details of Facebook, Google Mail, Hotmail Yahoo users.

"We've recently discovered a series of attacks being carried out by a P2P variant of the Zeus platform against some of the Internet's leading online services and websites," said Amit Klein, CTO of Trusteer, in a Blog post. The attacks come disguised as offers for great rebates or hot new security functionality. But in reality, "the scams exploit the trust relationship between users and these well-known service providers, as well as the Visa and MasterCard brands, to steal users' debit card data," he said.

Each of these attacks differs. In the case of Facebook, the malware offers people a 20% discount if they link their Visa or MasterCard details to their account. A fake Web form then requests that the user enter his debit card number, its expiration date, as well as their security code & PIN.

Quora gets $50 million in funding

16/05 (1512 hrs IST): Q&A Search Engine Quora has raised US $50 million funding round led by known investor Peter Thiel.
Quora was founded in 2009 by former Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo & Charlie Cheever. Also investing in the Series B round are Josh Hannah at Matrix & Jonathan Helliger at Northbridge. Helliger previously worked with the Quora co-founders at Facebook.

Quora has said the investment will be used to scale the service.

Newsletter from Twitter coming soon

15/05 (1515 hrs IST): Micro-blog Twitter is now planning to publish a newletter every week.

Twitter has said the newsletter features the most relevant Tweets & stories shared by the people you’re connected to.

Twitter says you can also click any headline to finish reading a story, tweet directly from the email & see related Tweets from the people you follow. You can also view tweets seen by the people you follow, even if you don’t follow those who wrote them. From there you can reportedly see who from your network retweeted or favourited these tweets.

A Google A Day trivia Game revamped

15/05 (1509 hrs IST): Some of you may have not heard of this trivia Game by Search Engine Google. A Google a Day, launched last year, is a trivia Game where searching for the answer on Google is not only allowed but encouraged.
Millions of people have played & learnt new trivia facts along with new ways to use Google Search. A BlogPost by Google said that based on feedback it had got from people, a new & improved version of A Google a Day on Google+ that makes the trivia more collaborative & fun.
Now, players will be able to challenge their friends to a test of trivia & Search speed & figure out who’s the expert at discovering little known facts about literature, history, or science.

Post a year Social Network

11/05 (1500 hrs IST):  In today's era of Social Networking with say everything you have to say in 140 characters, a post-once-a-year Social Network sure sounds like an oddity. We had reported on The Best Thing This Year Startup on this very Page (go below). We had applied for membership to this so-far exlusive club, & guess what, Dan Shapiro, the man behind this Startup, has allowed us in. 
We have now been asked to post what we want to say by email. Once done, we cannot post anything else till one whole year has gone by. Wow.  Here are some of the features of this Social Network:
How do I post?
Send your post in an email to .....(since it is still an exclusive club, afraid cannot reveal the email ID)
What should I post?
Something that can't be read anywhere else.
When should I post?
On a slow news day.
What happens when this list gets too big?
It will certainly be interesting to find out.
So, what say all of you out there...any suggestions on what we should be saying in our annual post?

DEMO comes to Africa

11/05 (1436 hrs IST):  All of you must be familiar with DEMO, a technology conference for launching innovative companies in enterprise, mobile, cloud computing, consumer, social media & disruptive technologies?
Well, DEMO has announced the launch of its African version, DEMO Africa. The conference is scheduled for  October 24-26, 2012, in Nairobi, Kenya.

According to a press release, the newest addition to DEMO’s Global Launch Program, DEMO Africa 2012 will provide the most innovative emerging & established companies from African countries the opportunity to launch their products on stage. The event will also act as a platform for companies outside the region looking to launch in the African market.

“Africa is emerging as a hotbed for technology & innovation,” said Neal Silverman, senior Vice President, DEMO. “DEMO Africa 2012 allows for a collaborative environment where leading minds and companies from African nations can come together to gain exposure on a global level.”

DEMO also announced at the World Economic Forum today its partnership with the U.S. Department of State, Microsoft, Nokia, African Development Bank, USAID & Global Entrepreneurship Week to launch the Liberalizing Innovation Opportunity Nations (LIONS@FRICA) Partnership, a new public-private alliance aimed to enhance and deepen Africa’s Startup & innovation ecosystems.

Applications are currently being accepted for companies to launch products at DEMO Africa 2012.

Facebook allows Groups to share files, says report

11/05 (0500 hrs IST): A report in Mashable seems to suggest that Social Network Facebook has rolled out a file sharing service among all its services. Writer Kate Freeman has said all Groups within FB now have the ability to send & receive files. Users can upload files upto the maximum size of 25 MB. The only 2 exceptions to file sharing is music and executible files are not allowed.
You may read the rest of the Mashable story at this URL:

FB rolls out its own Apps Store with a "Social Twist

10/05 (0812 hrs IST): Social Network Facebook has launched a beta version of its own App store & the final product will be out in the next few weeks. The Store will give developers & users a medium to promote their Apps from multiple mobile platforms. This is being seen as yet another step by the Social Network to gain a foothold in the Smartphone sector. Like in Apple Apps Store, users here will be able to browse the selection of Apps by category & ratings. FB said its Store would "become a great place to find Social Apps".

There is also an added "Social" twist to the FB Apps Store. Rather than just have a single list of top or recommended Apps seen by all users, Facebook will recommend Apps to each user based on what their friends use.

Developers will be able to charge for Apps. You may click here to find out more about the FB Apps Store.

Zynga's 1st Arcade game

09/05 (1944 hrs IST): Zynga will launch its 1st Arcade Game, the company announced on its Site today.

Bubble Safari is all about a monkey named Bubbles who is living in a jungle when his lady love & monkey friends gets captured by poachers. This makes Bubbles go off on a journey to find the poachers. The player’s job is to pop the right bubbles to supply Bubbles with fruit for his journey.
You can get the rest of the details at this URL http://zyngablog.typepad.com/zynga/2012/05/coming-soon-new-game-bubble-safari.html

Hangouts...is Live, worldwide

08/05 (0654 hrs IST): Some time ago, Google+ had introduced a new concept - Hangouts on Air. This basically allowed a handful few to broadcast 'Live' their fun activities like parties, etc, to share with the rest of the world.
Now, Google has announced it is extending Hangouts on Air to Google+ users in the rest of the world. So if you have something to say — as an aspiring artist, a global celebrity, or a concerned citizen—you can now go 'Live' in front of a global audience. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to:

*Broadcast publicly. By checking on 'Enable Hangouts On Air,' you can broadcast your live hangout—from the Google+ stream, your YouTube channel or your Website—to the entire world.
*See how many viewers you’ve got. During your broadcast, you can look inside the hangout to see how many people are watching 'Live'.
*Record & re-share. Once you're off the air, a public recording will be downloaded to your YouTube channel, & to your original Google+ post. This way it's easy to share & discuss your broadcast after it's over.
The rollout of Hangouts...will be gradual over the next few weeks.



A new Blog for comic book fans

06/05 (1823 hrs IST): This Website normally does not comment on any Real World events but then, this particular development was too good to pass up. And, in a sense, it does involve Cyber Space, so here goes....
An 18-year-old boy from the United Kingdom has launched a Blog for comic book fans. Our question is - are there any remaining in today's Internet connected world? Apparently there are, going by the response www.comicazie.com has got since its launch.
A press release by PRLog 1st alerted us to this Startup. Says Tarik W, the teenager behind this Blog, “It’s nothing special, just a simple blog to help you become more informed about comics”. But when asked why he started the site, he replies enthusiastically, “I read comic books every now and again, though for some reason whenever I mention that to someone they tend to look at me funny. But this doesn’t come as any surprise since that old stigma is still attached to them, e.g. comics equal Children’s books. It seems as if people in today’s society have no idea how diverse comics have become and how entertaining they can be. So I guess you could say changing the general perception helped spark the idea.”

On Comicazie.com there are currently reviews for Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life, Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Boxset – Unboxing, Uncanny X-Force: DeathLok Nation, To learn more about the launch visit Avatar The Promise Part 1, Uncanny X-Force: Apocalypse Solution, and Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life.
In addition to the review, his site provides video blogs.  Tarik says he does this “when he’s browsing the web, sometimes just to find out about a certain item quickly. I don’t really give myself the patience to read paragraphs and paragraphs of information, as it’s pretty tedious and stressful at times. However, I find it way more efficient to click on a video than it is to read a page of text. Sometimes people want fast and easy information and video seems to be the best solution for that. But I do enjoy reading and I know many other people do to, so on here you get the best of both worlds.”

Adobe issues security patch for Flash but only for IE Browser

06/05 (0626 hrs IST): Adobe has issued an emergency update to patch a bug in its Flash Player programme, saying the chances of hackers exploiting a critical vulnerability in the program were high.

According to a security bulletin issued by Adobe, it had released security updates for Adobe Flash Player & the earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh & Linux, Adobe Flash Player & earlier versions for Android 4.x, & Adobe Flash Player & earlier versions for Android 3.x and 2.x. These updates addressed an object confusion vulnerability that could cause the application to crash & potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.

The bulletin further said there were reports that the vulnerability was being exploited in the wild in active targeted attacks designed to trick users into clicking on a malicious file delivered in an email message. The exploit targeted Flash Player on Internet Explorer for Windows only.

Facebook acquires Glancee

05/05 (2014 hrs IST): Social Networking Site Facebook has decided to take its lack of Smartphone technology seriously. It has gone & acquired 1 more mobile phone App called Glancee. The latter  helps users discover friends around them. All they need to do is to download it on your phone & hook it up with your FB account before using it.

While Facebook is still mum about its latest acquisition, the folks are Glancee are ecstasic. They say they will be moving to Menlo Park (FB's HQ) to build products for Facebook. Glancee was started in 2010.

Changes to Google News

05/05 (1823 hrs IST): Google Inc has now made changes to news aggregator Google News, now allowing updates from its Social Network, Google+.
According to a BlogPost, the handful of new features & updates are mostly designed to fall in line with the company’s move to integrate social aspects to its wider product family. The changes will initially be rolled out in the U.S. Google News over the coming days. These include larger images on the main page, realtime coverage page for developing stories & the introduction of Google+ comments on the Google News main page.

The realtime news feature updates a story thread automatically with new print & video coverage, & photographs. 

A once-a-year Social Networking Site

05/05 (0821 hrs IST): Imagine if you were asked to post on a Social Networking Site just once a year! That's what this upcoming Startup, The Best Thing This Year, is all about.
Yes, it will let you post only 1 thing per year to the entire mailing list......& they advise all those who join up to think extremely carefully before posting. The Startup has been created by Dan Shapiro, a Seattle entrepreneur. Dan, say reports, had founded a product Search Engine called Sparkbuy which he then sold off to Seach Engine Google only 6 months after founding it.
Anyone can sign up & a confirmatory email is then sent out. Once you become a 'charter member', you will earn the privilege of posting once a year, immediately. Then, you will be cut off. All such posts will be sent off to all those on the email list to read. Members who sign up later will not be allowed to post immediately, they will have to wait, so we are told. 
What say? Want to be invited to this rather unique Social Site? Write to us at tellus(a)whatsnewonthenet.com & we will forward you the invite.

Avengers Facebook Game gets a movie touch

04/05 (2040 hrs IST): Are you an Avengers fan? Now, you can play both, your favourite movie characters as well as the traditional comic book versions of the superheroes in the Avengers Alliance Facebook Game.

According to comicbookresources. com, in advance of the May 4 premiere of Marvel’s, 'The Avengers', Marvel has launched a series of movie-themed uniforms that will allow Avengers fans to play as their favorite movie character in the hit Facebook Game Marvel: Avengers Alliance (www.facebook.com/avengersalliance).  The game has experienced steady audience growth since launching in March, and now attracts 1.2 million daily users.

The special edition uniforms reflect the look and characteristics of their movie counterparts, and also trigger new "Avengers Assemble" team abilities.

The Black Widow and Hawkeye uniforms are Live in the game now, while the additional movie-themed uniforms will debut soon. 

Outlook email Search is updated

03/05 (2102 hrs IST): German company Axonic whose Microsoft Outlook email add-on, Lookeen, was introduced in 2008, has introduced the latest generation of Outlook e-mail search.
According to a press release issued by the company today, the latest upgrade boasts innovative new features & is already compatible with the current Windows 8 Beta versions. The full version is available at www.lookeen.net, & can be tested for free for 14 days.
Lookeen has more than 500,000 downloads, 20,000 paying business customers & a worldwide audience of Outlook users and companies.

More action on Facebook's Timeline

03/05 (1809 hrs IST): Social Network Facebook keeps adding new thingies to its Timeline feature. Its now introduced Action Links as a way for users to interact directly with Timeline Apps. These customizable links provide another way for people to do something within your App when your Open Graph stories appear in news feeds, Timeline or Ticker.

According to a BlogPost on Facebook's developers Blog, for example, when someone checks in on Foursquare & shares it on their Timeline, friends can already like or comment on the resulting post through the links that appear as part of the story. Now with Action Links, Foursquare added another link, 'Save This Place,' which enables people to save a place to their Foursquare to-do list directly from Facebook.

It's no longer 'Live'

03/05 (0642 hrs IST): Software giant Microsoft continues with tweaking some of its brands. It has now posted a Blogpost on the Windows 8 Blog that all its Online services & tools will sport their own names rather than carry the tag 'Live' with them, as they have done so far. Eg: Instead of Windows Live Messenger, it'll just be just Messenger. The Windows Live ID, the log-on service, will be called Account, instead.

The Blogpost also talks of Microsoft building its Online storage service, SkyDrive, directly into Windows 8. All you need is a Microsoft account & you'll automatically get 7GB of free storage...Google, are you listening?

Bing undergoes design change

02/05 (2125 hrs IST): Don't be surprised or rub your eyes in wonderment if you go to Bing & find it ...err looking just like Google. Software giant Microsoft has tweaked Bing's design to "remove clutter" & make it simple, but has ended up making the Search Engine looking like its competitor. We leave to our readers to decide.

Gmail will henceforth translate all emails

02/05 (2123 hrs IST): In the coming days, Gmail will roll out its automated message translation. It will automatically translate emails from one language to another. So, for example, you can get an email in Hindi & have it translated instantly into English, or send emails to friends in Swahili without even knowing the language.

Automatic Message translation was originally introduced in Gmail Labs in May 2009.

The service will be gradually rolled out to Gmail users over the next few days. There will be a button that says 'Translate message', which when clicked, will translate it instantly for you.