Twitter Moments goes, in comes Explore – News

Twitter’s central ‘Moments’ tab is going away. The company said in a micro-blog that the tab, which highlights collections of notable tweets curated by Twitter editors, would be replaced by a new tab called ‘Explore’.

Make your projects come alive with mockups

This collection of smooth animated loops of beautifully shaped desktops, laptops, smartphones, Tablets & smart watches can be used to showcase your project. The mockups can be incorporated to Adobe Photoshop by simply pasting the artwork into a Photoshop Smartobject.

5 tips for better email security

Even the most sophisticated cyber attacks can begin with a relatively simple email compromise. With this in mind, here are some of our simple tips to help make your email more secure, without the need to set up a private email server.

55 interesting facts about Google – Infographic

Google is the leading global search engine. However, besides this basic information, there are loads of least known facts about this huge company. Here’s a list of facts that you probably didn’t know about Google, courtesy BargainFox.