Use ‘Text to Emoji’ to spice up your messaging on mobile for free – New app

Time was when you can conjure up emoticons from combinations of text & punctuation marks. Things have gotten a bit more graphic, & of course you can just doddle around or research the meanings of thousands of possible symbols Online, but this app makes it far easier for you. The app integrates with your Android keyboard & lets you choose from those thousands of emoticons, directly from the keyboard.

Google takes wraps off ‘Area 120’

It’s official. Google has formally launched its internal incubator, ‘Area 120’, & launched a dedicated Website to announce its birth. Along with that, it’s also initiated 1 program – how to advertise within Virtual Reality (VR). The experiment called ‘Advr’, involves a cube-like ad format which allows video ads to run in a 3D/VR environment.

Area 120 was launched at Google in March, 2016, as a way to retain entrepreneurial-minded talent at the company, as well as give teams the ability to test new ideas that could eventually become Google products.

Image Credit: Google