Sort out your Slack team task management with ‘Sortd for Slack’

The Slack messaging environment is great for group messaging & team building but is lacking sorely in tools for managing workflows & assigning tasks to team members. ‘Sortd’ has come along to help rectify this situation by providing Slack users an integrated way to manage team priorities, assign tasks & post notifications for status updates.

Monetize your mobile app with ‘Clickky’ self-serve platform

Whether you’re a publisher or advertiser, Clickky helps you target mobile ads to the right audience while managing your budget. To help you promote apps, you can use the self-service platform to choose the formats, launch & optimize your mobile CPI campaigns.

Get inspired when creating your brand identity with ‘Logobook’

Coming up with a nicely designed corporate or brand identity: logo, symbol or trademark, is not easy. Even a graphics pro needs some inspiration. Logobook’s Website directory of classic designs, going back to the 1950s, might just make the difference to help give you that extra edge.