Social media influence measurement app launched

It’s said to be like the former Klout. Just launched social media app ‘Skorr’ measures your influence & give you a unified vision of all your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter).

With Skorr, you will be able to follow your key indicators (likes, posts, shares, views, fans, etc.) in the aggregate value of all accounts. Also, when you post, you’ll be checking, real time, how successful your posts are through their impact, interpretation, using some of the most advanced technologies like Sentiment & Emotion Analysis, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.

Image Credit: Skorr

Admins of FB Pages are also data processors, says court – News

This court ruling opens up a new debate on the responsibilities of an admin, & may have some implications not only for social network Facebook but also others like Google, although experts are still busy studying & understanding it.

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