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Remembering passwords may soon be a thing of the past

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 By: Sorab Ghaswalla, Dec 18, 2012
How would it be if we told you that beginning in just a few moments from now, you could stop remembering all your passwords? Crazy, right? Remembering passwords in today's life can get to be a real hassle.Passwords for banks, passwords for Social Network accounts. After all, there's only so many passwords one can remember, right? Writing them down is no good, either; there's always the risk someone will find out. All of this can be a thing of the past if you were to get this new Smartphone App called LaunchKey. Yup, you heard right. LaunchKey claims to do away with the password system itself. Instead, it provides an alternative wherein every time you need to key in a password, you type in your user name but not your password, & get an message on your Smartphone altering you to physically authenticate your identity. Hey presto, once you do that, you are in.
It all started when a team of young entrepreneurs had its Eureka moment in a public restroom - what if people did not need passwords to log into any of their accounts? And so started a journey that may ultimately end up in this Smartphone App called LaunchKey. The team dared present the idea at Startup Weekend, Las Vegas, a global initiative & competition to promote innovative technology idea, & won the contest hands down
The team soon got down to business & say they are almost ready to launch the Smartphone App for iPhones & Androids. Using LaunchKey, they claim, means saying goodbye to passwords. Once you have installed this new Smartphone App, you are called upon to physically verify your account & there's no need to key in any password. Why & How?

Here's the way this Smartphone App will work: Once you have got this App, every time you try to log into any of your accounts, Online, you receive a notification on your LaunchKey-paired Smartphone. You may then physically press a tab (the Launch button) & authenticate that it's you who is trying to log in into your own account. And viola, you are in.

Now, using this new Smartphone App has a host of other positives. For 1: Whenever someone is trying to gain access to your accounts, you will immediately be alerted. The other is that LaunchKey allows you to log in without giving away your personal info. The App also keeps you informed on the number of accounts you have logged on to, while logging out is also very easy. LaunchKey on your phone, thus, will act as a remote control for passwords, & logging in

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