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Apple overhauls its podcast app

The Apple Podcasts app is getting an overhaul in iOS 11, including a new interface as well as some changes to how podcasts can be structured.  The guys have thrown in a bit of basic analysis, too.

Reports: Re Code, Digital Trends

5 apps that will remember anything for you

Much like a computer, your brain also has a limited amount of memory. You can’t possibly remember everything you come across. But when something is important, it helps to have a quick way to remember it.

LTE reach continues to spread, says report

While the usual suspects still dominate the rankings in LTE speed & availability, just below the top tier, the last 6 months showed some interesting trends. In India, the Jio-inspired 4G revolution has sent that country rocketing up the ‘availability’ chart. Eastern Europe had emerged as a hotbed for powerful LTE connections.

How to build an app – Apple’s new TV serial – News

Apple Inc’s long-awaited move into original television series starts Tuesday, with a reality show about a universe that is key to the technology giant’s business: the world of app developers.

Reports: Variety, Hollywood Reporter

Inject creativity in your presentations with ‘Ludus’ – # Startup

Are you tired of the current slide based presentation programs? More so, do you feel these available programs such as PowerPoint, Keynote or even Google Slides do not provide you with the intuitive experience you crave for? Well, Ludus is a new tool in the market that claims it will give these already established tools “a run for their money.”

All you need to know of the new iOS 11 – News

Apple today previewed iOS 11, a major update to the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. iOS 11 is available as a developer preview today .

Reports: The Verge, CNBC, CNET, Digital Trends