Mobile app znapin offers users many ways to express themselves with the help of selfies

znapinLong time since we have spoken about selfies on our pages. Anyway…..coming to this smartphone app called znapin developed by Znapin Network Private Ltd, India…… this 1 is all about selfies & velfies (video selfies).

znapin is basically positioned as a social network to “communicate via selfies” + more. Calling itself “a curated social network which provides various fun & versatile scenarios”, this new smartphone app makes it fun for users by way of challenges to take images & videos. That, it claims, is a twist never seen before on social media networks.

Here’s some of the basic things you can do with it:

  • Create videos & photos with your friends – which means yet another way of self-expression
  • Find, follow & create fun challenges
  • Find the most exciting challenges to take. You can even play pranks on your closest buddies
  • Take an image or video doing the challenges in the most fun way
  • Outdo other users selfies & velfies
  • Issue private challenge to your friends or followers to do something “different”

Thus, znapin makes it easy (& fun) to create conversations, make new memories or simply relive old ones with your friends. Which means turning the most mundane things in your lives into fun.

Users can browse challenges, create new ones, take an image or video in just a few seconds. They can share their selfies & or velfies with friends on other social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, iMessage to name a few.

Where the ‘Challenges’ bit is concerned, these could be something as simple as daring a user to eat a banana to tough ones like taking a selfie with a toe, to even more daring ones like asking someone to go bungee jumping & take a selfie.

Users can browse through challenges across categories to find something interesting while they are bored or create their own challenges & invite their friends/followers in private- fostering viewer participation in Content (& memories) creation.

Takes the monotony out of posting plain vanilla posts on social media networks, right?


Click here to download znapin on your iOS device.

An Android version is on the way.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this post had made a few ambiguous observations of this app’s use which have now been rectified.

- This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. - 
Image Credit: znapin/iTunes




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