‘Ziltag’ turns your images into a discussion board

‘Ziltag’ is a new Web plugin that helps you turn your images into a discussion board.

With this tool, you can tag & comment on every image on a Website & highlight various parts of the image. The tags appear as red blinking dots on the images. Other users can also click on the dots to read or join the conversation on the image.

This tool allows you to discuss, share, ask & collaborate on images, hence boosting user engagement. According to its developers, Ziltag is ideal for Website owners who want to increase Content engagement with their Site. You could as well sell multiple items on a single image. In addition, for bloggers, you can use the plugin to display a message board on images for your readers.

How Ziltag works

For you to access the plugin, you’ll have to sign up 1st. On sign up, you have to provide a username, email & the URL of the Website that you want to install the plugin. This allows you to obtain Ziltag’s script which you then paste into your Website’s HTML. Furthermore, you can use this plugin on multiple Content platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr among others.

If the installation is successful, a circular red button appears at the top right corner whenever you move your mouse over any image on the Website. To launch a Ziltag Reader on the image, just click on this red button. With this, the Site’s users can write or leave comments on the images on your website.

In addition, if you are a user visiting a Website that has Ziltag enabled & want to tag & comment on an image you’ll need to sign up, too. After signing up, Ziltag sends you a verification link to your email which on clicking & verifying the email you can tag & comment on images. Other than allowing you to post comments on images you can also simply edit or even delete the comments. To edit or delete a comment, just select the comment & click on edit or delete depending on your intended action. Finally, remember to confirm your changes by saving after completion.

Ziltag was developed by David Chang, the startup’s founder & Jian Weihang the startup’s CTO. The startup is located in Panama.

– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review. –

Image Credit: Ziltag

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