‘Yubl’ is new social media app that wants to take on the big boys


As with existing social networking apps, ‘Yubl’ allows you to contact with friends with text messages & photos, but it also allows you to create rich visual messages that help you make plans, share locations of where to meet as a group & poll friends to make group decisions. All starting from a blank ‘canvas’ designer that puts an emphasis on creativity & is easy to use on a phone.

The app’s canvas allows you to layer all sorts of Content to fit into one message: start with a background color, then a photo or video from your camera or your gallery. On top of this, you can layer overlays, filters, choose fonts for your text, stickers, ‘buttons’, which are applets that let you take a vote or show your location in relation to friends. All of it synchronizing among the screens of your friend in real-time.

As the startup states in their Android Play Store product page:

Yubl buttons are some of the most interactive elements you can add to your messages & posts. They let you do all sorts of stuff by dynamically linking your screen to everyone else’s in the conversation. Do things like:

  • Gather feedback from your friends and followers.
  • Share your whereabouts and pinpoint the location of others.
  • Organise get-togethers, coordinate meet ups & arrange where to go.
  • Make group decisions instantly.

There are also loads of great new stickers to choose from. And not the usual static images – these stickers animate & make sounds (sneakily) when someone taps them.

Fit the different elements together in any order – how you layout, resize, rotate, scale and edit them is up to you. Result: now you can finally decide how to interact and express yourself the way you want – Yubl gives you complete control.

Yubl differentiates among 3 activity areas or ‘spaces’ in the app: A private space for one-to-one or group chats, a public space for broadcasting & browsing Content with friends, brands & celebs, & an explore space for figuring out what’s new on Yubl, by discovering popular Content from brands & media creators.

This free smartphone app was just released by a UK-based startup & is currently available in most of Europe.  It is slated to make its way to the US later this year. Gareth Evans is one of the founders, & was previously founder & CEO of Synergy, a healthcare communications company.

Click here to downoad Yubl on your iOS device.

Click here to download Yubl on your Android device.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. - 
Image Credit: Yubl


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