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‘XXL Box’ is the frontline product of this US-based startup, ‘XXL Cloud,Inc.,’ offering document storage, sharing, collaboration & backup in the Cloud, accessible from multiple platforms & with a full commitment to encrypted security. The fact that full privacy is guaranteed, even from the provider’s own eyes, is a clear differentiator relative to competing products.

The Company’s offer consists of a tiered solution, with a free plan for the casual user, & affordable but more powerful offerings for professionals & businesses. Your data is put into the XXL Cloud’s storage infrastructure & is encrypted even before it leaves your device, & remains encrypted end-to-end. You can then access it from any computer, phone or Tablet, via the free apps available for iOS & Android, or from any Web browser.

The security provided goes beyond privacy & encryption, which makes it virtually impossible for intruders & hackers to view the Contents of your files. The Company’s Cloud storage server assures that the files are stored in at least 3 different locations so that even with a catastrophic failure or accident in more than one data center, your data remains accessible.

As referenced on the XXL Cloud Website, the offering also has a number of other interesting features:

Drive Sync – Choose which folders you wish to sync between the Cloud & your other devices. Sync files from Windows to Mac & your mobile or Tablet devices

Backup – Your files are constantly backed up, once a file has changed it is stored as a revision to the previous version. You choose the folders that you wish to add to your backups

File and Folder Sharing – Share files and folders public or private. Password protect shares or create purely upload folders to which files can be uploaded by third parties.

Versioning – You decide on how long you wish to keep revisions of your documents. By default 30 days, but you can set it to any period you decide works best for you. Collaboration

Collaboration – Collaborate with your friends or colleagues by creating Groups. This way you can exchange files privately only with the members of a Group

Group Messaging – Send private or public Messages to friends or co-workers. Extensive Group features allow full collaboration with all members of XXL Box

Wiki – Wikies are essential for group collaboration. Create & maintain Wikies as a Group & have all valuable information shared with each other.

Support – Enterprise level award winning support is just one of the Pros you are getting when signing up to our Pro or Business Packages

In December, the startup announced a partnership with Rackspace for providing XXL Box to an even broader range of users on 5 continents.

XXL Box for Business runs on your own, dedicated hardware. XXL Cloud’s proprietary software controls the Cloud infrastructure & manages resources. It’s 100% private & scalable, claims the company. XXL Box for Business can scale to your demands. 100 or 10000 users. Your own setup even runs under your own domain name.

The pricing plans for XXL Box start with a free ‘Basic’ offering with 2 GB of storage, private encryption, a public Cloud, limited version to 30 days of history & limited standard support. The ‘XXL Box Pro’ offering adds storage space of 300 GB, a version history of 90 days & priority support, for US $9.99/month. An ‘XXL Box Business’ plan is also available, which can be customized (including the price) & adds unlimited storage, a private Cloud & 24/7 support.

XXL Cloud is based in Delaware,US. It’s headed by CEO & President Andreas Maier, a Ph.d CTO/CEO with experience in a number of tech companies, & VP & Core Developer Peter Chakalov, an IT specialist. The public launch date of XXL Box was in April 2015, after a series of initial test phases.

Click here to download the XXL Box on your iOS device.

Click here to download the XXL Box on your Android device.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –


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