WordPress most popular of all CMS, says agency

Web tech survey company W3Techs has announced that open-source Content Management System (CMS) WordPress (WP) now runs a quarter of the Web.

It said on its official blog:

Two years after WordPress usage reached 20%, it achieved the next major milestone: 25% of all websites now use WordPress. Or, as its founder Matt Mullenweg puts it: Seventy-Five to Go.

The dominance of WordPress in the CMS market is amazing. The two closest competitors, Joomla and Drupal combined are used by 4.9%, less than a fifth of WordPress.

We do count both the self-hosted, open source version of WordPress which can be downloaded at WordPress.org, and we also count WordPress sites hosted at WordPress.com or elsewhere. However, we count the hosted sites only if they are reachable via their own domain (not only as subdomain of wordpress.com), and they must qualify like all other sites in our surveys by getting enough visitors on that separate domain to make it into the top 10 million Alexa sites. As a result, the vast majority of the millions of blogs at WordPress.com are not counted. Only 1.25% of the WordPress sites in our surveys are hosted by Automattic at WordPress.com. That makes the WordPress CMS market share even more remarkable.

WordPress is used by some of the best known websites: Time, TechCrunch, Wired and Lifehack, to name just a few. When we split up all websites by traffic level, we see that WordPress is leading at all levels, but the market share among the top 1000 sites is significantly lower at 30.3%. Drupal (19.7%) and Adobe Experience Manager (11.8%) are the other dominant systems in that section. Note, however, that using a standard CMS is not very common among the top 1000 sites, more than 90% of them are custom developments.


WordPress popular


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