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meetstreet‘MeetStreet’ is a free mobile app designed to help you set up meetings & meetups with friends, acquaintances & business associates. It’s a social network-type app designed to help users to organize appointments over their phones, & to actively remind the participants of upcoming meetings.

It incorporates a messaging function somewhat similar to WhatsApp, allowing the sending & receipt of chat messages requesting appointments, as well as the ability to automatically remind participants of an upcoming meeting. The new app syncs with the calendar on both the Android & iOS platforms & allows of the user’s contacts list to be accessed. Another important feature of MeetStreet is its ability to create free or paid events & invite people to join your contacts list to conferences or parties.

In order to get started with the new app, a new MeetStreet user just needs to install it from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. After that, the phone number is validated via a text message (or WhatsApp), then the user provides a name & optionally a profile picture. The phone number becomes the app’s primary identifier & no username & password is required.

If the person being invited to a meeting is not already a MeetStreet user he/she will get a text message via SMS or WhatsApp requesting the meeting & asking them if they want to download the new app. If they are already users, they will get an alert from the app requesting their presence at the meeting & create a record of the event in both their calendars. When you’re close to the time of the meeting, a user can remind the others of the appointment by pressing the “reminder” button.

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Unlike paid meetup apps like, which is Web-based & focused on interest group activities, MeetStreet is free & much more phone-centric. It concentrates on meetings & events with people you already know. It’s more of a business app, or one you can use with friends, as it is not intended to set up meetings & get-togethers amongst people who don’t yet know each other.

MeetStreet is strictly a phone app at the moment & the developers have no immediate plans to port it to a Web platform. They do, however, intend to make available Windows Phone & Blackberry versions in the future.

Click here to download the MeetStreet App on your Android device.

Click here to download the MeetStreet App on your iOS device.


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